Vegan Travel Tips for Ljubljana, Slovenia


What is Ljubljana like for vegans? Follow this guide to find some great places to eat. 

I’m not sure if the city is known for culinary excellence, but it should be – they seem to know how to make and serve great food.

There’s a small selection of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Ljubljana. Since the city is quite small and you’re not likely to spend a long time there as a visitor, these should be enough for a few days in the city.

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Vegan Travel Tips for Ljubljana, Slovenia

Taman Organic – Excellent vegan organic food

I really enjoyed the meal at Taman.  It’s a vegetarian (mostly vegan) organic restaurant just a couple of minutes from the main square.

It’s not too big, but the space is beautifully designed and really quite elegant.

Taman Vegan Ljubljana


There’s no English menu. The waiter will tell you what’s on offer today.

Food comes in generous portions here, so go there when you’re hungry.

I had a soup and a root-vegetable main from the daily menu, which came with a side salad.

Taman Vegan Ljubljana

The blueberry sorbet with caramel dessert was perfect.

Taman Vegan Ljubljana

There are also larger salads on the menu and vegan cakes for dessert which I didn’t try.

If I were to visit Ljubljana just for a day, I’d pick this place for a meal.

Taman Organic website

Zaziv Vegan – Great vegan street food

This is a fully vegan restaurant. The space is huge and is a little bit outside the centre, but given the small size of Ljubljana, that means only about 10-15 minutes walk from the main square.

They offer a nice selection of burgers, wraps, pizza, salads, cakes and more, all vegan. There are some organic and gluten free options on the menu.

There’s an English menu available,  you order and pay at the counter and service is really fast.

Zaziv Vegan
Zaziv Vegan

Prices are inexpensive, between €5-8 for a burger or a wrap and even less for the pizzas and cakes.

It looks like a fast food place, but if you look at the ingredients it’s actually a healthy place to eat, and the food is tasty and filling.

Zaziv Vegan website

Ajdovo Zrno – Good value vegan lunch

This is a great vegan restaurant near the main square with a set daily menu for €8.

The menu includes soup, salad from the salad bar, a main dish and dessert. Some raw options are available, and the salad bar is mostly (maybe entirely) raw.

Ajdovo Zrno Vegan Ljubljana
Ajdovo Zrno

Everything is vegan and fresh. My zucchini soup was wonderfully creamy and the main was very satisfying.

Ajdovo Zrno Vegan Ljubljana
Ajdovo Zrno

There is no English menu, but the English speaking staff will tell you what’s on offer today.

Ajdovo zrno on Facebook

Zrno do Zrna Health Store

Right across the street from Ajdovo Zrno, there’s a small but very well stocked wholefood store. It’s not a vegan store, but they do have a lot of vegan products.

The location is a couple of minutes from the main square. You can get a vegan sandwich or a soy yogurt there for a picnic by the river. If you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen,  you can also buy tofu, fake meats and non-dairy milk, which are reasonably priced.

Info about Zrno do Zrna on Happy Cow

Vegan Burek at Back Werk

I wouldn’t normally recommend a place that sells meat, but this bakery chain can be very useful. It’s very cheap and can be a quick fix when you’re hungry and need something on the go.

It’s right next to the central square and they have some vegan fast food: spinach burek and vegan sandwiches. I only tried the burek and it was surprisingly good and filling!

back werk

It appears that the place makes an attempt to clearly label the vegan items, as they have special green labels on the shelf. Unfortunately the food items themselves don’t always correspond to the labels and seem to move around the shelf, so best ask a member of staff what’s vegan.

Back Werk on Happy Cow

Vegan Ice Cream in Ljubljana

Ljubljana has so many ice cream places, you sometimes cannot walk more than 3 minutes without coming across one.

It tried the vegan flavours at two places, Cacao and Vigo. Both places were recommended to me by locals as “the best ice cream in Ljubljana”.

Cacao is a pretty big place, at least in summer, when you can sit outside by the Ljubljanica river.

Their 4-language menu is a bit confusing, but all the vegan options are clearly marked with a green label.

These include mostly sorbet, but with some interesting flavours like mandarin and pear.

They also have vegan dark chocolate ice cream with raspberry, which I recommend.

Vigo  is a smaller place and they have a limited selection of non-dairy flavours, all fruit based.

These are displayed on the menu on the wall and include mango, strawberry, passion fruit and some others.

Nothing is labelled as vegan though, so it’s best to ask the staff what’s vegan, to be on the safe side.

There’s another ice cream place that offers rice milk based ice cream, called Zvezda’s Ice Cream. I didn’t get a chance to try it, but it got some good reviews on Happy Cow.

The Central Market in Ljubljana

The colourful open-air central market is hard to miss. It’s located between the Dragon Bridge and the Triple Bridge, right in the city centre. The market is open daily until about 4 pm.

Ljubljana Central Market
Ljubljana Central Market


Ljubljana Central Market
Ljubljana Central Market

This is the place to buy locally grown, mostly organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. The prices are likely to be a bit higher than in other places in the city, but you’ll be supporting local rather than imported produce.

Public Bar & Vegan Kitchen in Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most popular destinations for a day trip from Ljubljana. You can get there in about 1.5 hours on the bus. I was happy to find a fully vegan restaurant at the shopping area by the lake and had a thoroughly enjoyable meal there.

Public Bar & Vegan Kitchen offer great healthy choices. Do not be misled by the word “burgers” on the menu – this is not a junk food restaurant. They serve proper vegan patties made from fresh ingredients.

Public Bar and Vegan Kitchen Bled
Public Bar and Vegan Kitchen Bled

It took us a long time to decide what to order as everything on the menu looked fantastic. Apart from the patties, they have soup, salads, fresh juice and some vegan desserts.

The service was very friendly and very fast. If you’re going to Bled, don’t miss this place.


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Vegan Travel Tips for Ljubljana, Slovenia

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