Digital Nomad Interviews


Interviews with digital nomads give you a glimpse into this lifestyle and reveal fascinating stories about how people can work from anywhere successfully.

What’s it like to live the digital nomad lifestyle? How do digital nomads make money? What do they love about their location independence and what challenges are they facing?

Interviews with Digital Nomads

I’ve been a digital nomad and location independent for about a decade now.

When I started out, the whole idea was still very new, but I saw it grow and expand over the years.

It’s now a much more common lifestyle, but still quite unusual. Anyone aspiring to become a digital nomad can learn a lot from those who are already living the dream.

There are many different ways to live as a digital nomad. I’ve written a detailed guide on how to become a digital nomad, which is the best starting point for beginners.

Last year I started interviewing other digital nomads and remote workers.

You can get different tips and ideas from each of them, plus a nice dose of inspiration.

Reading these interviews is both motivating and practical for anyone who wants to now how to become a digital nomad.

It’s also reaffirming for those who are already living this lifestyle and may need to know that there are plenty of like-minded people out there.

Some of these interviews are with digital nomads and entrepreneurs I met at Coworking Bansko while volunteering there (read more about my great experience at Coworking Bansko).

Here’s the full list of interviews with digital nomads I’ve done so far:

Nimrod Dean Kuchel – This guy is very inspiring and very active in helping people become digital nomads.

James from Portugalist – The digital nomad travel blogger who’s an expert on Portugal.

Mona Jensen – An environmentalist who found a way to turn her knowledge into a nomadic source of income.

Judith Bez – An expert on travel gear and equipment, she’s into adventure travel, testing gear and reviewing it on her blog.

Claudia Canu – The online health motivator who fell in love with Bansko.

Nathan Wright – A university professor who decided to travel and work from anywhere.

Sebastien Pelletier – A developer I met in Bansko who’s working on many different projects while travelling.

Katie Walker – Talked to me about pursuing her independent digital nomad lifestyle and what she’s learnt from it.

Cary Jacobs – A multi talented freelancer with skills in just about any field of online business.

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I will update this page with more link to more digital nomad interviews in future.

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Digital Nomad Interviews

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