About me

I’m Tal Bright, a keen traveller and photographer.

Bright Nomad is my travel blog.

I’ve been a digital nomad since 2009 and have spent almost half of my adult life in various countries around the world.

As a digital nomad I work in content writing and UX writing.

I’m originally from Tel Aviv, where I still spend my winters. In summer I head out to different places each year. My favourite city is London.

 What travel means to me

Travel for me is about meeting people, learning how people live in other countries and making friends everywhere I go.

It’s also about experiencing local culture – music, art and design, architecture, theatre, comedy, dance, festivals and anything else I’m lucky enough to come across.

Sometimes it’s just about wandering the streets of a new place and observing.

On a more philosophical level, the distance, both geographically and mentally, from “ordinary life” is a life changer.

Travel for me is about freedom, new experiences and letting life surprise you!

Inevitably, it’s about self growth.

You learn so much from experiencing new things, sometimes taking risks or just facing the unknown, and making decisions that shape your life every single day of your trip.

What you’ll find in this blog

… and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration to travel yourself, experience the wealth of experiences that travel can give you and the impact it can make on your life.

Why blog?

Over the years I’ve found myself again and again being asked by anyone who knows me to give them travel advice before they went on trips or holidays.

At some point it became obvious that writing down all the tips I’ve accumulated and sharing the knowledge with everyone would make perfect sense.

Other than this blog, I also write travel tips on Spotted by Locals and document my travels in my Instagram stories.


I love hearing from people, feel free to get in touch. Email is the best way to contact me: tal [at] brightnomad.net

I’m also on Travel Massive, Instagram, Threads, Twitter and Facebook.