Laptop-Friendly Cafes in Warsaw

Warsaw has plenty of work-friendly spaces and there’s free wifi just about everywhere. Here are some cool places I found that are great fro digital nomads to work from.

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Warsaw Laptop Friendly Cafes for digital nomads
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Labour Cafe and Co working

This is a really lovely place with a lot of natural light and great vibes. It’s not very big, but feels like there’s a lot of space there.

It’s divided into two spaces – the cafe at the front and the coworking space at the back.

Labour Cafe and Co working Warsaw
Labour Cafe and Co working

The cafe is a good place to work from. With soft music in the background and power outlets by some of the tables, it’s a pleasant an convenient place to get work done.

There’s a menu in English and even some vegan and vegetarian options marked on the menu (Warsaw is generally a vegan friendly city).

If you need a more quiet environment, then you can order something to eat or drink at the cafe and go to the coworking space at the back. It’s a separate room, quieter and free to use.

Labour Cafe and Coworking website / Labour cafe on Facebook


This is a chain of cafes in Poland. The one I visited on MarszaƂkowska  street is a very spacious cafe and a great place to work from.

Etno laptop friendly cafe Warsaw
Etno laptop friendly cafe

It’s pretty relaxed despite being so large. You can find a seat at the bar by the window and look out onto the street outside, or choose from the many tables and sofas. Wifi is fast and free and there are power outlets by the window.

Etno Cafe website


For a somewhat more bohemian feel, try this cafe with a bookshop and an art gallery in one space. It’s is a really chilled space where you can sit with your laptop and work uninterrupted for a couple of hours.

Mito laptop friendly cafe
Mito laptop friendly cafe

There are plenty of tables with power outlets by some of them and the wifi is fast.

MiTo on Facebook


Mango has mango-coloured walls and a cool vibe. There are tables and some bar chairs and you’ll find power outlets by some of the tables.

Mango Warsaw
Mango Warsaw

It’s a vegan street food restaurant, which is an added bonus. Wifi is free and fast and the atmosphere is pretty relaxed.

Mango Vegan website / Mango Vegan on Facebook

Vege Miasto

A restaurant that doesn’t look like a work-friendly place at first, till you spot some people sitting there with their laptops.

There’s free wifi (the password is on a sign above the bar) and a huge selection on the menu for vegans and also gluten free food. It’s a good place for a meal but also for a drink or dessert.

Vege Miasto website

Wrzenie ƚwiata

A cool cafe combined with a bookshop. Wifi is free without a password, but requires sign up. 

There are many table to choose from and also outdoor seating. Overall it’s a really easy going place with inexpensive food and drinks. 

Wrzenie Swiata website

Other Places

Warsaw is a big city and has many more laptop friendly cafes that I didn’t get round to working from on my short visit.

It’s worth mentioning that Warsaw has a Google Campus. It’s one of few cities in the world to have one.

I didn’t get a chance to work there during my visit, but having been to Google Campus in other cities, I’m pretty sure it’s a perfect place to work from. It’s a free coworking space, but you need to register online in advance to gain access.

The The Museum of Modern Art also has a nice cafe to work from. Saw it when I visited the museum for an exhibition. Though I didn’t work there myself, I saw some people working on their laptops among the art books and magazines.

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Warsaw Laptop Friendly Cafes for digital nomads


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