Madrid street art hubs and beautiful murals

Where are the best places to see street art in Madrid?

Madrid has some beautiful and original street art, impressive murals and a lively undeground scene.

Madrid street art tours

There are a couple of street art tours you can take in Madrid, guided by locals.

That’s a great way to get to know the local street art scenes.

The guided tours cover the street art hubs in Madrid, such as Lavapiés and Malasaña, as well as hidden gems. Local guides are up to date and know where to find the best murals.

Check availability for a guided street art tour in Madrid in the calendar below:

Other Madrid street art tours include:

Where to find great street art in madrid


Tabacalera is a lively cultural centre in what used to be a tobacco factory. You’ll find Tabacalera next to the Embajadores metro station.

First I went inside to see what exhibition was on. But when I left the building and started heading up towards the city centre, I discovered the magnificent wall surrounding Tabacalera.

Tabacalera Street Art in Madrid by Julieta.XLF
Tabacalera Street Art in Madrid by Julieta.XLF

No less than 25 pieces of art  decorate that wall. It’s a project called Muros Tabacalera. It started in 2014 and is now featuring its second edition from 2016.

Artists were invited to paint these with a general Urban Nature theme. They each brought their own different style and interpretation and the outcome is just beautiful.

This irresistible piece is by Okuda:

Tabacalera Street Art in Madrid by Okuda

And some really moving art by Digo Diego:

Tabacalera Street Art in Madrid by Digo Diego

Love this elegant piece by BTOY:

And finally a great piece by Deno:

Tabacalera Street Art in Madrid by Deno


Not too far from there in Lavapies, the cool multicultural neighbourhood of Madrid, I found this stunning mural by artist Barbara Siebenlist:

Madrid street art murak

More great street art I discovered while walking around the area:

Madrid street art
Urban art in Madrid
Street art in Madrid

There’s even more to explore in the urban art scene in Madrid. Paste ups and sticker art and even larger murals… 

It’s one of my favourite cities in the world thanks to its eternal cool vibe. The street art scene doesn’t disappoint!

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These are absolutely beautiful murals! I wish I had seen them on my recent trip to Madrid. Next time, I’ll have to add them to the itinerary.

Wow! How amazing art is that! I love street art when it is such a high quality – and being so colorful is just a plus in my world 😉 I loved visiting Bogotá because of their great street art scene, but I had no clue that Madrid also has high-quality art. I will look out for it next time I visit. Thank you for sharing!

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