Brilliant street art in Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas, Lithuania, is a great city to discover urban art. The murals in Kaunas are really impressive and it even has an entire courtyard full of street art!


There’s so much street art in Kaunas and it’s so brilliant!

Walking around the city you’ll come across large and impressive murals, cool paste-ups and one magical courtyard full of art.

It’s evident that the city respects and values its artists, and they in return make wonderful pieces that put smiles on people’s faces.

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Here’s a selection of the most famous pieces of street art in Kaunas and the ones I loved best:

Contemporary ladies

One of my favourite murals in Kaunas is this quirky piece:

Contemporary Ladies - street art in Kaunas
Fantastic street art!

Two characters from Leonardo da Vinci paintings turned contemporary with headphones on a chess board.

It covers the wall of the Kaunas University of Technology.

The address is 37 A. Mickevi膷iaus Street. 

The wise old man

Kaunas famous street art
One of the most famous pieces of street art in Kaunas

This is a well know mural showing Jurgis Ma膷i奴nas smoking a pipe and sitting in an impossible position on a building.

You can see this mural when you exit Kaunas Castle and it’s difficult to ignore. It’s worth getting closer to see the work in full.

The wise old man in the painting was a Lithuanian artist, the father of the Fluxus movement in the 1960s. It was a multi disciplinary art movement that was quite revolutionary.

After this mural was made, it was adopted by the city as one of its symbols.

The address is 3 Jonavos Street. 

The yard gallery – a kaunas street art gem

The highlight for any street art lover visiting Kaunas is this residential courtyard that became a gallery of urban art.

It was an initiative by one of the residents, artist Vytenis Jakas, who started this creative project and whose works are all around the the yard.

There’s a lot to see in the Yard Gallery and you want to take your time and look at the walls, look up at the balconies and generally look everywhere.

The address is 25 E. O啪e拧kien臈s Street and when you visit remember it’s residential so be considerate.

The two pink elephants

There are two pink elephants in Kaunas.

One is a huge sculpture found in the Yard Gallery:

The pink elephant at the Yard Gallery

The other is a wall painting that you’ll see on the same street as the Yard Gallery, after you exit the yard and walk up the street.

The address is 18A E. O啪e拧kien臈s Street.

Street art Kaunas

Painted by Vytenis Jaka, it was inspired by a piece of graffiti sprayed by two lovers on the same wall.

This pink elephant is pretty popular with just about anyone passing by, so you might have to wait a couple of minutes before you can take your selfie with it 馃槈

Lithuanian national radio mural

Mural in Kaunas
Love this mural!

This magnificent mural was commissioned and painted for the 90th Anniversary of the Lithuanian National Radio.

I love the way it merges with the building and the street and uses old black & white photographs alongside bold colours.

The address is 28A S. Dauukanto Street.

Young man

art in Kaunas

Not far from the castle, this abandoned building was decorated with the face of a young man that looks like a poster boy for classical Greek beauty.

The address is 13 Pilies Street.

The routine of art

Kaunas urban art - wall painting

I came across this beautiful mural with the interesting title “The Routine of Art” on a small street in the Old Town. However, I’ve been told this piece of art is no longer there, after a building reconstruction.

More street art in kaunas

There’s a lot more street art to explore in Kaunas 馃檪

I hope this selection gave you a taste of what you can expect: Vibrant and thought provoking art.

To find more street art in Kaunas, get the illustrated map from Kaunas Tourist Information Centre that lists all the excellent works of art around the city.

Use GPSmyCity to get an offline map of all the places in this article.

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What an effort it takes to paint such huge images, in appropriate proportion and composition.
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