Modern and contemporary art in Wroclaw, Poland

Wrocław’s contemporary art scene is very active and rich in creativity.

I spent quite a bit of my time in in Wroclaw, Poland, wandering around galleries and museums. There’s a lot to see and experience.

If you’re planning a visit to Wroclaw, add some of these art spaces to your itinerary.

This guide is a selection of the leading museums and galleries featuring modern and contemporary art around the city.

Get an offline map featuring all places in this guide.

Wroclaw museums for modern & contemporary art lovers

I loved visiting museums in Wroclaw and could really appreciate the high qaulity curation and the great use of the space in all of them.

Here are the top museums in Wroclaw showcasing modern and contemporary art:

Four Domes Pavilion:  Modern & contemporary art

Take your time when you visit this museum, it has a lot to offer.

The permanent collection features Polish art from the 20th and 21st centuries and the exhibition is organised by themes, such as Polish art in the 80s, women artists, pop art influences in Poland and many others.

Visiting felt a bit like taking a class in the history of art.

Located in one of Wroclaw’s famous architectural landmarks, the Four Domes Pavilion, the museum makes wonderufl use of natural light.

There are texts in English and Polish in each room that are very helpful. There are also texts on their website.

It’s a good idea to combine your visit with other attractions in the area: The Centennial Hall, Wroclaw’s Japanese Garden and the Multimedia Fountain.

Visit the Four Domes Pavilion website

Wroclaw Contemporary Museum

Housed in an interesting round shaped building that used to be a shelter, it’s well worth taking a short trip outside the city centre to visit this museum.

Both the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions are thought-provoking.

Visit the Contemporary Museum website

Museum of Architecture

The impressive museum building is a former mediaeval church. It features both modern architecture and design (check their site for temporary exhibitions) and ancient architecture and crafts, as part of the permanent collection.

Visit the Museum of Architecture website

Contemporary art galleries in wroclaw

Here’s a selection of great galleries in the city centre of Wroclaw (or close enough) that feature modern and contemporary art.

Dizajn gallery

Right in the centre of the old town of Wroclaw, this gallery is dedicated to artistic design projects.

Galeria miejska

The Wroclaw city gallery in the city centre promotes Polish artists in Wroclaw and beyond, as well as international artists.

Wro art center 

A contemporary art and new media gallery showcasing Polish and international artists. 

Galeria bwa wrocław główny 

A large gallery with three spaces, located in the mezzanine of Wroclaw’s central railway station (Wrocław Główny) , featuring contemporary art in different media. 

The station building itself is quite unique and worth exploring.

Neon side gallery

A spectacular outdoor gallery of old neon signs. Located inside a courtyard with street art, bars, live events and many cultural institutions and studios. Go there just before it gets dark to see the transition when they light up.

Tyc art

A lovely gallery in the Neon Side Gallery courtyard. It’s a family business featuring original arts and crafts, such as glass and ceramics.

Polish poster gallery

Poland has a strong and fascinating tradition of poster design. This shop has a large collection of retro movie, theatre and music posters.

Mia art gallery

A contemporary art gallery in the old town, featuring artworks by 20th and 21st century (mostly) Polish artists, including up-and-coming artists.

Arttrakt gallery

A city centre gallery with a focus on contemporary art from Poland, featuring both young and established artists.

Sic! gallery 

An interesting gallery in the city centre, focusing on glass and ceramics.

Galeria foto-gen

A gallery dedicated to modern and contemporary artistic photography, in a unique historic building.

Something extra: nawa public sculpture

Nawa is a remarkable piece of public contemporary art on a small island in Wroclaw, created by Oskar Zieta. It’s an installation of steel arches that reflect their surroundings.

You can walk through it and around it too see all the different, playful reflections it creates.

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