Vegan Krakow guide

Vegan Krakow guide to vegan and vegetarian restaurants, cafes and fast-food eateries. The best places to have a plant-based meal in Krakow, Poland.


Krakow is a great city for vegans and vegetarians. This vegan Krakow guide will show you where to find the best vegan food places in the city.

There’s a lot of vegan food to try in Krakow.

From Polish traditional cuisine with a vegan twist to plant based fast food, Krakow has so many vegan and vegan-friendly places to eat.

If you’re planning a short city break in Krakow, you may want to stay longer just to enjoy all the vegan food!

This is a selection of some of the best places to have a vegan meal in Krakow. I’ve also written a guide to vegan Warsaw, another wonderfully vegan-friendly city in Poland.

When you visit Krakow as a vegan, with so many vegan restaurants in Krakow, there’s no need to go to meat-serving restaurants that offer vegan options, because you can so easily support vegan businesses instead.

Vegab – delicious vegan kebab in krakow

ֳNo wonder this place has such a high rating on Happy Cow. This 100% vegan place is extremely popular in Krakow, simply because they make amazingly delicious vegan kebab.

The menu is on the wall and includes two sizes of wraps and different veggies and sauces to go with your vegan kebab.

Vegab - vegan kebab in Krakow

I had the Hamster kebab, which is the one with peanut butter and coconut sauce. It was absolutely perfect. I’m not a fan of meat substitutes, so happy to say it didn’t taste anything like meat.

On another visit I tried the Aloha, which came with mango sauce and marinated pineapple and was just as wonderful.

They also have smoothies, vegan cake and vegan hot dogs. You can ask to add vegan cheese to your meal at a small extra cost.

It feels a bit like a local hangout that everybody seems to stop at when they pass by.

Takeaway is a good option on a fine weather day, because Vegab is just a couple of minutes away from Krakow’s lovely Planty Park, which calls for a vegan picnic.

It’s a fast food place, so service is fast and efficient. Order at the counter and they will call your name when your meal is ready.

Vegab on Facebook / Vegab website

Mihiderka – vegan burgers, stews and more

One of my favourite eateries, and one of several vegan burger places in Krakow.

The menu is fantastic, with vegan burgers, soups, stews, vegan snacks, smoothies, freshly squeezed juice and vegan cakes.

Everything is plant based, and though it’s a fast food eatery, it feels like they found a way to make healthy eating really attractive.

Vegan Krakow guide - Mihiderka vegan burger

I had the Mexican burger, and the on another occasion the classic vegan burger. Both were marvelous.

For dessert, I recommend the classic tofu cheesecake with lemon and orange. It had a great texture and wasn’t too sweet.

The space is small and cosy, you order at the bar and service is very friendly.

It’s located on Jozefa Street, one of the coolest streets of Krakow’s Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz).


Wielopole 3 – krakow vegetarian restaurant with vegan options

Had an excellent meal at this vegetarian restaurant.

The menu has many vegan options all marked clearly as vegan and the waitress was also helpful and will be able to tell you what’s vegan.

I had carrot soup which was perfectly creamy and delicious. For my main course I chose the tofu skewers, one of the vegan options on the menu. They came with potatoes and fresh salad. A very satisfying dish. Their vegan cake was wonderful for dessert.

Vegan cake at Wielopole3

The restaurant is at a central location, very close to the Old Town, but may be a bit tricky to find.

When you locate the address, go into the building and go down the stairs. You’ll enter a large space, with wooden tables, green walls and a slightly rustic feel. The ambience is peaceful, with soft music in the background.


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Veganic – vegetarian restaurant with vegan pierogi

The name of this restaurant may be confusing – it’s not vegan, but vegetarian. It’s a good place to try some vegan and  vegetarian Polish food.

The menu has plenty of vegan options though. Soups, salads, mains, cocktails, smoothies, desserts and more, and all the vegan options are marked in the menu.

There is also a lunchtime deal – ask the waiter for what’s available on the day.

Vegan Krakow - Veganic - vegan pierogi

I had their vegan pierogi, tofu dumplings that give a delicious interpretation to the traditional Polish dish.

I loved the spacious interior, the sofas and natural daylight, and they also have a nice relaxing garden.


Farma burgerownia roślinna – vegan zapiekanka and more in the centre of krakow

Right next to the Main Square in Krakow, this plant based restaurant has some typical fast food options like vegan burgers and hot dogs, but also some traditional Polish dishes made vegan.

The restaurant is cosy downstairs, and there is a lot of space upstairs.

This is a good place to have a vegan zapiekanka, the traditional local Polish street food. You will see locals and tourists eating it on the street in Krakow, especially in Plac Nowy in the Jewish Quarter.

Vegan Krakow - Vegan zapiekanka

It is essentially a huge piece of bread with cheese and mushrooms, plus other toppings. Mine came with vegan cheese, mushrooms, onion, herbs, sprouts, tomato sauce, cucumber and spinach.

Farma Burgerownia Roślinna also have other versions of the vegan zapiekanka, with gyros (made of soy) or just with mushroom and tomato sauce.

The menu also has vegan burgers, vegan tortilla, soups, vegan pierogi and hot dogs.

Farma Burgerownia Roślinna

Vegano cafe – vegan cafe in krakow [closed]

This cute vegan cafe is a great place to stop for a coffee, a smoothie or a light meal.

I had my lunch there before visiting the National Museum, which is a short walk away. The beautiful Krakowski Park is also near.

Vegano Cafe Krakow - vegan cafe

The space is lovely, white and green with a cool Go Vegan neon sign not the wall.

Everything is vegan on the menu, which is displayed on the wall in both Polish and English, and includes toasts and sandwiches, smoothies, vegan cakes and drinks.

The service was fast and friendly and the guy at the counter spoke fluent English.

I had the avocado ciabatta which was fresh and crispy with a good combination of flavours.

It seems like a pretty popular place. There were quite a lot of people at the cafe, yet the vibe is very relaxed.

Vegano Cafe

Glonojad – vegetarian and vegan food

A spacious restaurant with quick and friendly service. The menu is mostly vegetarian but has a few vegan options that are marked in the menu, as are the dishes that can be made vegan.

Vegan Krakow

I tried two of the vegan options on the menu: The vegan pierogi, filled with lentils and onion, and the Indian samosas filled with potatoes and other vegetables. They were wonderfully crispy with a mildly spicy filling and very satisfying.

There is also a salad bar and I recommend the great celery salad.

The space is large and inviting, there’s outdoor seating as well and the tables by the window are great. I visited in the late afternoon and the vibes were chilled and easy going.

It’s a self service restaurant – order and pick up you food at the counter.


Bonobo cafe – vegan cake and vegan ice cream

A cozy cafe with lovely garden, slightly hidden in Mały Rynek (the smaller market square close to Krakow’s Main Square).

Bonobo Cafe Krakow - vegan cake

There’s a sign outside to tell you where the cafe is. Find the door on the left and order at the counter. They have vegan cakes and several flavours of vegan ice-cream, of which I tried the amazing Oreo cake.

It’s a great place to chill out in the garden with a book. Though the location is very central, it feels peaceful and quiet.


Hariprasad samoas & curry – vegan indian food in krakow

A popular little vegan Indian eatery close to the river and to Wawel Castle.

Vegan Krakow - Hariprasad - Indian Vegan Food in Krakow

The menu is on the wall and includes typical Indian dishes such as dal, rice and chapati, samosas and mango lassi.

It’s a small space with a few seats and a really fast service.

I had two samosas, one with potatoes and the other with spinach, which came with delicious sauce.


Momo – tibetan vegetarian restaurant

The menu is on the board in both English and Polish. It includes soups, stews, masala dosa, pancakes and dumplings, and it even tells you how long you’ll have to wait for your meal….

Not everything is vegan, but all the vegan options, as well as gluten free options, are marked on the menu.

Apart from what’s on the menu, there are some vegan cakes on the counter, clearly marked with a green sticker.

Momo Vegetarian restaurant in Krakow

I tried two of their multigrain pancakes – one with spinach and tofu and the other with beetroot with wine.

They come with peanut sauce on top. All in all, it was a great combination of flavours.

The restaurant is spacious and with plenty of natural light and a relaxed vibe, and the service was quick and friendly.


Krowarzywa – vegan burgers and fast food

Vegan burgers are popular in Krakow. This vegan place offers them alongside vegan wraps with a range of toppings and side dishes, vegan kebab, hot dog and smoothies.

Vegan Krakow - Krowarzywa Vegan Burger Krakow

I had a nice chickpea burger with spicy tomato sauce and potato chips.

It’s located right next to the Main Square in Krakow’s Old Town, and is open late. If you need a quick meal when you’re in the centre, that’s a really convenient place to go.

There are lots of places to sit inside plus some tables outside. Order your food at the bar and you will get a number tag that buzzes when your food is ready.

Krowarzywa has a second location in Krakow in Wolnica square with indoor and outdoor seating.

Krowarzywa Krakow

Smaki roslinne – vegan lunch

A spacious, bright restaurant with lovely natural light and plants.

Smaki Roslinne - Plant based meal in Krakow

The menu was only in Polish, but the staff translated it for me. They have plant based main dishes and soups. I chose the potato pancake which came with black lentils and coleslaw salad.

Note that they’re open only until 4 pm, so it’s a good place to go for lunch. It’s close to the city centre and to Planty Park.

Smaki Roślinne

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I have been to Krakow twice but have only managed to visit 2 of these places! I would love to try that beetroot wine at Momo! So nice to see how vegan-friendly Krakow is becoming <3

Your post made me hungry 🙂 Kraków is great when it comes to vegan food and I hope you had fantastic time there. Did you try Pierogi?

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