Great travel vloggers to follow on YouTube

Who are the best travel vloggers to follow right now? I asked travel bloggers to recommend their favourite YouTube channels.

They picked some of the most exciting, engaging and inspiring vlogs to watch, with a diverse range of travel and personal styles.

I use travel videos myself to plan my trips, but I’m also always on the lookout for fresh perspectives and ideas for new destinations.

Seeing the world through the lens of other travel addicts is great fun!

Best travel vloggers according to travel bloggers

Small crazy

If there is one word to describe Yishyene, the blogger and vlogger behind Small Crazy, that word is FUN.

Small Crazy is all about seeing the light, fun, and exciting side of travel.

Because…that’s why we travel, right?

Her videos are inspiring as well as helpful, showing her audience hidden gems and tips that aren’t covered by traditional travel guides.

Yishyene’s approach to vlogging is SO REFRESHING, because she doesn’t confine herself to only visiting the most instagrammable spots, or the iconic views that everyone has already seen.

Small Crazy is honest and hilarious. She explores for the love of exploring, and her vlogs take us along on that journey.

She is boisterous in a way that makes you want to join in the fun.

Sometimes, you don’t even know HOW she got into her wild adventures, but you are glad she found them!

The excitement alone will make you want to buy a ticket, but it’s really her brilliantly humble and quirky personality that keeps you clicking to watch the next video. 

By Kay from The Awkward Traveller. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Drew binsky

Drew Binsky is a young American vlogger whose goal is to visit every country in the world before he turns 30.

And he’s pretty close to accomplishing that goal, too!

At the time of writing, he only has six countries left to go: Palau, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Ecuador, Venezuela and Jamaica.

I love watching his videos about truly off-the-beaten-track destinations. Sometimes, Drew’s videos are practically the only source of information available about travel in places like Chad or the Central African Republic.

My favorite video of his is “What is a SAPEUR?”, where he follows the sapeurs around Brazzaville in the Republic of the Congo.

If you don’t know what a sapeur is, watch the video to find out!

Drew usually keeps an upbeat attitude and shows the positive side of traveling to what most people would consider scary places to visit.

In fact, his aim is to encourage people to travel and debunk the misconception that the world is unsafe.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t shy away from telling the truth about the moments that really are scary.

By Wendy of The Nomadic Vegan. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Eva zu beck

One of the travel vloggers you should follow on YouTube, Eva zu Beck is not your typical digital nomad having chosen to venture in destinations less traveled by.

Primarily, she disproves society’s limitations on women. She also lifts prejudices across the globe, that is, across races, cultures, and beliefs.

As Eva claims it, she does not only attempt to showcase new places, but she wanted to open people’s eyes to new experiences.

Riding a dusty truck to the remote region of northern Pakistan, she climbed the world’s second tallest mountain – K2.

Realizing her Robinson Crusoe’s dreams, she explored one of the most inaccessible places there is, Yemen’s Socotra island. 

With almost 2 million views (as of this writing), one of Eva’s most unique videos features how she lived with a Bedouin family in an Oman desert camp trying a local beauty ritual, feeding the camels, and cooking bread directly on charcoals.

Try watching her along with her 480k+ subscribers and be inspired to discover off-the-beaten paths. 

By Arrianne from Travel Habeat. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Flying the nest

Flying the Nest is the travel blog and vlog channel run by the adorable Aussie couple, Stephen and Jess Parry-Valentine.

This entertaining duo has been traveling the globe full-time since 2015, and they have visited over 80 countries since then.

Their positive attitudes and spirit of adventure truly make watching their videos a joy, whether they are devouring sweet semolina cakes known as basboosa in Egypt or hiking through snowy canyons in Canada.

In May 2020, Stephen and Jess will add a new little traveler to their lives! Through their vlogs, you will be able to watch them transition from traveling as a couple to as a family.

If you want to dip your toes into the Flying the Nest world, I recommend starting with their most popular video: We Tried Turkish Street Food in Istanbul.

In this video, they try a ton of delicious Turkish foods that most foreigners have no idea exist!

By Sarah from Borders & Bucket Lists. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

Hey nadine

From packing advice to travel hacks and tips on budget travelling to Q & A’s, Hey Nadine has been vlogging for ten years.

She’s visited over 51 countries (her favourite is Switzerland!) and uploads content twice a week.

Why should you follow Nadine?

Not only are her videos inspirational and insightful, but she’s got a bubbly personality, which will leave you smiling!

The reason I follow Nadine is that I love seeing her adventures, but she also shares tips about how anybody, no matter the budget, can travel too. 

My favourite video of hers has to be the YOU CAN AFFORD to TRAVEL: How much will your travel cost? Travel doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and this video helped me to better plan my own adventures.

In addition, one of my favourite travel guides from her was her 10 places you can’t miss in Italy vlog.

She was the first travel vlogger I followed and was the main reason I wanted to get out and explore the world; she’s inspired many of my adventures!

By Kim from The Adventure To Me. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Y travel blog

Caz and Craig Makepeace of Y Travel blog are our favorite travel Vloggers by far. They are travel addicts and love adventures just like us!

Starting out as individual adventurers, they have embraced the arrivals of their kids and adapted their travel style.

Traveling for 22 years, they have done it all, from being solo travelers to couple travelers and family travelers now!

You will pick up tons of travel tips from their vast experience. One of the best things we learned from them is how they unplug from travel chaos by applying the ‘should’, ‘have to’ and ‘must’ travel philosophy.

They also share actionable Travel planning tips and this is really resourceful for family travelers.

You will meet their two lovely daughters, Kalyra, the fun maker and Savannah, the cutie in their videos.

We also like that they share a video every Saturday with updates on their travels and Family Travel Ideas.

Their videos are so informative and they always have unique content. By showing us fun and adventurous travels all the time, you never get bored watching them!

By Keith & Shang from Zip Up And Go!. Follow them on Instagram and Pinterest.

Nate and kara

When Nate and Kara left Nashville, Tennessee in January 2016, they never thought they’d become some of the world’s most prominent travel influencers and vloggers.

But these two high school sweethearts became two of the ‘OG’ (original) travel vloggers, before YouTube and travel vloggers was really a ‘thing’.

When this married couple sold all their worldly belongings in 2016, their plan was just to travel the world for a year and then head back to the USA to settle down.

Boarding a flight to Tokyo they started taking amateur videos and uploading it to YouTube, without much of a plan.

Fast forward a few years and their YouTube channel has 1.3 million subscribers, they’ve visited over 100 countries and they’ve built a community of fans across the globe.

So, what makes these travel bloggers so unique and engaging?

Authenticity. Created in an age before Instagram influencers and Tik Tok stars, Nate and Kara are a very relatable couple – she’s funny, quirky and a little clumsy and he’s very honest and great on camera.

Actually, one of their best videos is probably their bloopers reel, all their ‘outtakes’ from over four years of full-time footage!

If you want a taste of their work, check out their video from the Peru Sky Lodge, where they slept on the side of a famous mountain.

By Lee from The Travel Scribes. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

Hangry by nature

So many family travel vloggers these days are focused on the cute things their families do and is more of a family memory story than an informative vlog. 

However, Hangry by Nature manages to give you a ton of information in a quirky upbeat way that keeps you engaged.

Tina and Andy, hail from Australia but focus most of their vlogs on travelling to Asia with young kids. 

They show you all the must dos in the locations like most, but really put a kids spin on it.

They highlight awesome attractions for kids, with tips for parents, such as what not to do, the best times to visit and whether it’s worth navigating with a stroller.

They know that travelling with young kids is tough, and they are frank, humourous and real about it, but show you exactly how you can make it successful. 

Their edits are brilliant, this ain’t no home video. Their tips will save your budget and your sanity.

By Jennifer from Backyard Travel Family. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Adventures of a plus k

The Adventures of A Plus K, aka Adam and Kathryn, are a duo team that focuses their blog and vlog on adventures in the outdoors and exploring nature with their adorable puppy.

Originally from the big state of Texas in the United States of America, these two now drive around the country in their fully decked out van that they self-converted.

They are National Park lovers, and their vlogs give very detailed instructions on how to score some of the most exclusive permits in the country.

Like Havasupai, the Wave, and the Enchantments, their hiking vlogs are down to Earth and relatable, inspiring even the most novice level hikers into heading outside!

Their refreshing approach to experiencing their own backyard is a reminder that you can travel without ever stepping foot in an airport – and have a great time doing it as well!

But, they are also international adventurers, finding secrets oasis of peace in even the busiest of concrete jungles like London and Mexico City.

If you’re into #vanlife and enjoying nature, these two will keep you coming back for more!

By Kay from The Awkward Traveller. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Shenaz treasury

Shenaz Treasury is one of our most favorite travel vloggers.

She is an Indian travel vlogger who usually posts fun, innovative & inspiring videos about different countries.

Her videos usually cover everything from what to see, where to stay and where to eat among others.

She never fails to capture the vibrant culture and traditions of a country in her videos. She is active on most social media platforms and loves to interact with her fans.

Another highlight of the channel are the many reviews on unique hotels like the one on Sujan Rajmahal Palace in Rajasthan, India.

She also posts videos on beauty, health & relationships occasionally.

Her video on the Golden Chariot Train is our all time favorite. She is so energetic and positive, it motivates each one of her viewers to travel and smile! 

By Athul from Our Backpack Tales. Follow them on Instagram and Pinterest.   

Must do canada

If you’re interested in exploring Canada, there’s no better vlog than our own: Must Do Canada. Launched in 2017, my wife and I celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday by road tripping across the country for 150 days, visiting each and every province and territory.

Through experiencing many of the top things to do in Canada  as well as interviewing a wide variety of people, including former astronaut Chris Hadfield, we produced a 12-part travel series and mini-documentary about Canada.

This project was intended to be a one-time thing but after soaring past 25,000 subscribers and two million views, we decided to keep going, showcasing the best of Canada from coast to coast to coast.

Our channel has been watched by people from all over the world and our 12-part travel series has even been shown to elementary students as part of their social studies curriculum.

We’ve been featured in major news outlets and were also invited to YouTube’s NextUp program in New York.

I think part of our success with the Must Do Canada YouTube channel is that both Karla and I are very down-to-earth average people who go out of our way to try a wide variety of things while also sharing interesting information about each place.

We combine storytelling with beautiful cinematography and music, mixing together vlog and documentary-style video.

By Matthew from Must Do Canada. Follow him and Karla on Instagram and Facebook.

Lost leblanc

My favorite Youtuber is Lost LeBlanc, also known as Christian LeBlanc.

His videos are real and well-structured, and not too scripted.

Especially his early day videos give an insight to what it’s like to travel the world on a budget, and just enjoying life.

In recent years, as he has reached success worldwide his videos have become more professionally made with cool video effects and a wider mix of places.

But he still shares his travels around the world and is one of the best sources for travel inspiration on Youtube.

A more real travel show than this is hard to find. Also, the videos are not niched towards a certain gender and they have a nice feeling and structure that appeals to a wide range of people around the world.

I think one of his best videos is from Thailand where he shares his top 10 travel experiences from there.

The video has positive vibes and is a great inspiration for those who are traveling to Thailand for the first time.

By Alexander Waltner from Gourmand Trotter and Swedish Nomad. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

My rig adventures

We are MY RIG Adventures, your average family of four, leading a not-so-average life. 

We’d had enough of the usual mundane suburban life of work, school, bills, repeat.

So, we sold everything we owned, bought a caravan and took off into the sunset (that was 4 years ago)! 

We love to share our everyday life on the road with our YouTube community, which includes everything from homeschooling the kids, to travel days, wicked campsites we find along the way and DIY roadside car/ van fix-its.

You’ll also find loads of caravan-life tips and hacks, especially for off-grid living.

By Emma Riggs from MY RIG Adventures. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Siddhartha joshi

Siddhartha Joshi started out as an Indian travel blogger who is now a top travel blogger/vlogger/instagrammer who has been featured in CNN, Discovery, DD (national television) and more!

I started reading his travel blog years ago and I really liked his way of telling stories and now with his vlog, I’m just smitten by his vlogs. I especially love his series on Lucknow.

His videos are not only just about the destinations but also about the people there – he picks people who have a very interesting, unusual story to tell and that’s what sets his vlog apart.

For example, his Lucknow series has videos about the various places to see & eat in Lucknow, as well as a gay rights activist, an Uber driver with an interesting dream and more.

His YouTube channel is a beautiful combination of such interviews, selfie cam vlogs as well as well shot, well edited amazing videos.

By Bhushavali of  My Travelogue by Bhushavali. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Wandering bird

Ever thought about quitting your job and running away to travel in a camper van? That’s exactly what I did 18 months ago!

Together with my husband and cute but crazy cocker spaniel Mac, we tour Europe and the UK in our motorhome, sharing videos of our adventures, tips of where to go, where to avoid and the best way to have your own European road trip adventures.

We also have lots of videos for people getting started in motorhoming/ vanlife- including how to choose a van, how to plan a road trip and what to do when it all goes wrong! (Which it does… frequently!)

Nearly all of our travel videos include drone footage- most recently a trip to the Dolomites resulted in breathtaking views over the mountains – but we also have a mix of talking/ information videos to help share their knowledge.

There’s also a video from when we lost our drone in Lake Annecy… I’m still so sad about that!

By Kat from Wandering Bird. Follow her on Instagram.

Living bobby

Living Bobby is my favorite travel vlogger.

He is very relatable and dives deep into the culture of a country.

I love how he always meets locals in his videos and always keeps an open mind. He also goes out of his comfort zone by trying radically new things, like living with Sumo Wrestlers for a day or cooking with an Indian Family.

Nothing is out of limits for him. He also meets with local creators when he visits a country, which shows a local and unique perspective.

Additionally, he makes travel seem easier, and shows that anyone can travel by showing fun and affordable transportation methods and accommodations.

He has a talent for finding extraordinary experiences that are also accessible to most people who are ready to go out and adventure.

Living Bobby is a true inspiration in terms of discovering other cultures and feeling part of a global travel community.

By Lucile from Follow here on Instagram and Facebook

Feel like starting your own vlog?

Running a YouTube channel involves a lot of different skills, from video editing to marketing.

Take a vlogging course to learn all the skills before you launch your channel. If you don’t want to do it all by yourself, you can easily outsource services related to your YouTube channel, so you can focus on the the creative and storytelling sides of your vlog.

I’ve also written a more detailed guide about vlogging as a business:

Beyond travel vloggers: more virtual travel ideas

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Best travel vloggers to follow on YouTube


I love this. I can’t wait to check some of these out. I keep telling my husband that we need to get into vlogging more, but we have yet to do so 🙂 LOL!

I had other plans today, but now I think I’m going to just binge watch all of these! This is such a good list! I haven’t come across Eva zu Beck before, but her adventure staying in a Bedouin camp seems so interesting – definitely going to check it out.

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