Airbnb Coupon Code That Works: How To Get a Discount

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When you use Airbnb for the first time, you don’t have to pay full price. You’re eligible to an Airbnb Discount.

You can get an Airbnb discount that could mean free accommodation for a night or two!

Click here to get your Airbnb discount!

This Airbnb joining discount is available to all new users.

Airbnb has a nice incentive for new users: The Airbnb first time coupon.

If you sign up through an existing user, both get some travel credit in their account, to be used towards their bookings of accommodation and experiences in Airbnb.

How Much Will You Save on Airbnb?

The discount amount changes from time to time. It is normally around $35-45 or the equivalent in your currency.

That’s a free night or two in many places around the world (and in cheaper destinations even more than that).

How to Use the Airbnb Coupon Code

It’s very easy. First, click here and if you’re new to the site, you will get this message on your screen, letting you know that you are eligible for an Airbnb first booking discount:

airbnb coupon 2019
The sign up screen shows you your airbnb discount

Sign up with Facebook, with Google or with Email. Either way, you will get your Airbnb discount.

That’s it 🙂

Where to Enter the Airbnb Promo Code

You don’t actually have to enter a discount code on Airbnb and  you don’t need a voucher either.

Everything is automatic: when you book accommodation on Airbnb for the first time, the discount will be applied and deducted from your payment.

You’ll see the amount of the joining discount displayed on the screen when you sign up.

Airbnb will sometimes require you to make a booking at a certain amount in order for the first booking discount to be applied.

When I first joined Airbnb, I didn’t know about this first booking discount, and I regret now that I didn’t find out about it in advance and didn’t take advantage of it.

As this is a joining discount, if you’ve already signed up you won’t be able to get it.

However, if you travel with a friend or a family member who doesn’t have an Airbnb account yet, they can sign up and get the first booking discount.

I’ve seen some advice online suggesting that if you already have an account and still want to enjoy the Airbnb joining discount, then you should sign up with a new email address. This doesn’t seem legit to me.

That’s really all you need to know about getting your Airbnb joining discount, but if you’d like to learn more about Airbnb – what it is, why I like it, helpful tips on how the site works and how to save even more money on Airbnb – keep on reading 🙂

What is Airbnb?

How to get an Airbnb discount - 2019 airbnb coupon

The idea for Airbnb came from a real necessity.  The founders of Airbnb hosted a tourist in their flat, when hotels were fully booked.

It gave them the idea to make a website that makes it possible for others to do the same.

It’s a win-win solution for both locals and tourists.

Locals make a bit of money on the side and visitors get to experience the place through local eyes, and often at a price that’s cheaper than a hotel.

You typically rent a room in someone’s house. That’s the basic Airbnb concept.

As the site developed , more options were added, so now you can also book an entire house for yourself or stay in a shared space, like on a living room sofa.

Why I Recommend Airbnb

Airbnb coupon code - airbnb voucher code 2019
I love finding places to stay without compromising, thanks to the huge selection on Airbnb

I’ve been using Airbnb pretty consistently in the past couple of years in different countries I visited on my travels.

There are some good reasons for that:

1 – Airbnb is really user-friendly

After you use it once or twice, you’ll realise how much thought was put into making it easy and convenient to use. I will talk more about how to use it later.

2 – Airbnb’s customer service is very professional

I was pleased with all of my bookings so far, except one, where the room didn’t fully match its description.

When I contacted Airbnb’s customer service I got a quick reply and the way they handled my problem showed me that they care about their customers.

3 – So much choice!

In any city I’ve been to, when I searched Airbnb I got more than enough search results to let me select a vacation rental that was just what I wanted.

Having such a huge range to choose from is really important, as the last thing you want to do when you’re abroad is compromise on where you’ll be staying, it could affect your whole trip.

I love having enough choice so I can find a place that’s just right for me.

Earn More on Airbnb by Becoming a Host

If you sign up as a host on Airbnb, you’ll earn an award starting at $100!

Again, you need to use a referral code to gain this – Sign up through this link.

You can then list your space for free and start making money by renting it out.

Airbnb will guide you on how to set up your host account and have a wealth of information for new hosts on how to make more money.

The Most Unique Airbnb Properties You Can Stay In

A fun way to use your Airbnb discount is to find the most unique, unusual, quirky and luxurious properties on Airbnb.

To find them, simply use the search filter. Click More Filters and go to Unique Stays.

That’s where Airbnb keeps a very cool list of accommodation types, ranging from boats to igloos!

You can stay in a castle or a cave, experience a tiny house or sleep in a lighthouse. You can even book yourself an island!

Some of these unique stays are surprisingly affordable.

Here are just some of the coolest, most unique, most original Airbnbs I have found, to give you some inspiration!

Stay at a tropical tree house

Always wanted to sleep in a treehouse?

How about a treehouse in the middle of the jungle?

This treehouse is an adventurous place to stay, while at the same time super relaxing, as it’s totally secluded.

Hang from a mountain top…

This one is out of this world! You can stay in a transparent capsule hanging from the top of a mountain above a valley.

Cool houseboat in Amsterdam

I’ve always wanted to stay in a houseboat for a few nights. It can be done, and it’s even quite affordable.

This houseboat in the centre of Amsterdam transforms the experiences of being a tourist in the city into something much more special.

Elegant container tiny house

Fancy starring in your own episode of Tiny House Nation? 😉

Living in a tiny house long term may not be for everyone, but you can get a taste of what it’s like.

This container house is stylish, fully equipped and will let you experience this current trend for a couple of nights without breaking the bank.

Feel at home on a train!

One of the coolest finds on Airbnb – A refurbished train car 🙂

The hosts invite you to travel back in time in this retro railroad caboose.

It does have all the modern amenities to make this unique Airbnb stay super comfortable.


How to Use Airbnb to Find Travel Accommodation

Get a discount on Airbnb vacation rentals - airbnb promo

I’ve posted a detailed guide on how to use Airbnb on this blog before.

I recommend you check it out, as it pretty much sums up everything I’ve learnt from my experience on the site and will save you time.

Here are the main things you need to know:

1. Search for the destination. It’s OK to search without specific dates if you don’t have them yet. Add the number of guests and click search.

2. Limit the price, so you will only see results matching your budget. Use “Price Range” and move the sliding scale to the price you want to pay.

3. Choose “Room type” – you can choose between an entire home, a private room or a shared room.

4. Use the various filters to find a place that’s really suitable for your needs.  Click on “more filters” , then “Amenities” and then “see all amenities”. Select everything you might need – TV, air conditioning, a washing machine, a laptop friendly surface and so on.

5. Select a good location: You can search as you move on the map, which is a very useful feature if you want to stay in the centre, or far from the centre (I sometimes prefer that) or near a certain attraction etc.

6. Check reviews! This is crucial. I wouldn’t recommend booking a place that doesn’t have any reviews. Read what others have said to avoid potential disappointments.

These are the essentials. For a more detailed guide with more tips, read my full guide: What to Check When You Book Accommodation on Airbnb 

How to Make a Booking with Your Airbnb Discount Code

Airbnb Discount Code - airbnb discount 2019

Once you’ve made your choice of your perfect accommodation, enter the dates and number of people staying.

When you enter the dates,  note that you can often get more discounts on Airbnb by booking long term accommodation! Many hosts will offer you a weekly or monthly discount.

Next, the full rent will be displayed and your Airbnb discount will be deducted (it’s called “travel credit” on the site/app).

Click “book” and send a short message to your host. I normally say something along the lines of “Hi, I liked your flat and would love to stay there when I visit your city.”

All that’s left is to contact your host about a week before you arrive to arrange for the check in. Airbnb will send you a reminder by email to do that.

More Ways to Save Money on Airbnb

The following tips will help you save even more money when you use Airbnb, beyond the joining discount.

These money saving tips are very simple to implement and they are all based on my experience as a frequent Airbnb user.

1 – Give you own referral code to friends and family

If you want to give the same Airbnb discount to your friends and family, go to Invite Friends in the Airbnb menu, and you will get your own personal referral link that you can send to anyone.

Once they sign up through your link, you’ll both get Airbnb travel credit 🙂

2 – Book your Airbnb as early as you can

The earlier you book, the more likely you are to find a better price on Airbnb.

The best vacation rentals in popular destinations, that are highly rated and centrally located, are likely to be fully booked.

The only way to beat that is to get there first simply by booking early.

As soon as you know your travel dates, get on Airbnb and start searching.

3 – Check if there’s a cleaning fee on each Airbnb listing

Some Airbnb listings include a cleaning fee that can add quite a bit of money to your total.

However, many Airbnb hosts do not charge this extra fee.

You want to pay attention when you search for properties and look at the price breakdown to check if the cleaning fee appears.

I’ve stayed in many Airbnbs that did not charge a cleaning fee and were all sparkling clean nonetheless.

4 – Take advantage of long term discounts on Airbnb

Many Airbnb hosts will give you a discount for staying long term.

Usually there’s a weekly discount and a monthly discount.

Each host sets their own percentage and you will see exactly how much you can save in the price breakdown once you add your dates.

These discounts can save you a lot of money on Airbnb. I’ve seen some hosts going as far as giving a 30% discount on a monthly booking!

5 – Be flexible with your dates

You can search Airbnb without entering any dates at all at first.

This way you’ll be able to see a wider range of properties in the search results.

Once you’ve picked some rentals that you like, enter your dates to see if they’re available.

You’ll be able to see on each listing’s calendar the rate for each night, with weekends often priced higher than other nights.

If you can be flexible with your dates based on that information, you’ll be able to save more money on Airbnb.

6 – Target new listings

Look for listings that are relatively new on the site. They should have a few positive reviews already (because it’s not a good idea to book a property that has no reviews…).

At this stage, the host cannot raise the price yet, until they get plenty of good reviews.

This is the best time to find bargains 🙂

I have used this method quite a few times to book flats in very central locations at a really good price.

7 – Avoid touristy areas

You can often find great properties outside the most popular touristy areas.

Going a little bit outside the city centre can reduce the price considerably.

You can search as you move on the map on Airbnb. It’s a super useful function that will help you find cheaper areas.

All you have to do is make sure that the property has good public transport connections with the city centre (or convenient parking if you travel with a car).

You can send the host a message and ask about the transport links.

It’s also a good idea to have a look at the reviews – people would normally mention how long it took them to reach the city centre.

8 – Find discounted Airbnb gift cards 🙂

You can find Airbnb gift cards online, for example on Raise or Walmart.

These are sometimes discounted, so it’s worth checking from time to time to see what you can find.

Airbnb Discount on Experiences

Airbnb offers more than a place to stay – it also helps you explore your destination through unique activities!

Under Airbnb Experiences you’ll find a lovely selection of things to do at your destination.

The experiences include local guides who show you around and take you on local tours, live concerts, workshops, social impact activities and much more.

You can find photo walks, cooking workshops, street art tours, dance classes and lots of other interesting things to do.

The credit you get for signing up also applies to experiences, so if you want you can use it to pay for tours and activities rather than accommodation.

It will give you a discount or in some cases cover the price of the experience!

Some examples of cool Airbnb experiences:

Awesome travel photos on Instagram photo walk in London

Drawing on the Danube: Art Class in Budapest

Pasta, Pizza and Tiramisù workshop in Rome

Sunrise or sunset yoga on a hidden beach in Vietnam

Louvre : Masterpieces and History in Paris

Learn to Surf in Hawaii

Brush and Ink (Japanese calligraphy) class in Tokyo

Yoga lessons in beautiful locations with Airbnb Experiences

How to Book Airbnb Experiences

Booking experiences is easy.

Enter the name of your destination in the search box and Airbnb will show you both homes and experiences on the same page.

Click “Popular Experiences” to see the full list of activities available.

You can refine your search and look at specific categories, e.g. food & drink, nightlife, history and so on or just browse everything.

On the experience page, read about the guide, what to expect, what to bring and other people’s reviews. Then click the red booking button. You’ll see the price next to it.

When you make the booking, your Airbnb credit will be applied and you’ll get a discount.

Prices vary and seem to match the general cost of living at the particular destination, so if it’s an inexpensive city, the experiences are likely to be quite affordable.

However, this isn’t always the case, and you might find surprisingly inexpensive experiences even in expensive cities!

If you’re not sure where you’re about to travel to, use the experiences page just to get inspired!

It shows you the popular activities around the world, and also has categories you can browse, such as sports, entertainment, nature etc.

This is an amazing way to upgrade your trip. Meeting with locals who know their way around and learning about local culture first-hand is the best way to travel.


How do you get your first airbnb discount?

You need to sign up through a referral link: Use this link to get your Airbnb discount

How long is the Airbnb discount valid for?

Your Airbnb discount is valid for one year, so make sure you use it within a year of signing up.

How can I get more travel credit on Airbnb?

1 – Refer friends and family using your own referral link. You’ll get travel credit when they book trips.
2 – Become a host by signing up with this referral link.
3 – Refer a host to Airbnb. You’ll get travel credit when they complete a reservation.

How can I save more money on Airbnb?

1 – Take advantage of weekly and monthly discounts.
2 – Book early to get the best properties at a good price.
3 – Pick vacation rentals that are new on the Airbnb marketplace (but already have a few positive reviews).
4 – Consider staying outside the city centre, in a property that has good public transport connections or convenient parking.
5 – Be flexible with your dates where possible.
6 – Look for discounted Airbnb gift cards.

How can I get an Airbnb coupon?

You don’t need an Airbnb coupon code in order to get the Airbnb discount. Just sign up through this link and you’ll get the discount automatically.

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