Warsaw design guide

 Warsaw, Poland, offers many places of interest for design lovers.

This Warsaw design guide covers design shops, galleries and museums to help you discover the most beautiful design gems in central Warsaw and in the Praga district.

It’s part of my series of city guides for design lovers.

central warsaw design shops and galleries

The gallery of polish design in the national museum in warsaw

The National Museum in the centre of Warsaw has a permanent exhibition of Polish design.

It covers applied arts and industrial design in the 20th and 21st centuries, with a nicely arranged chronological display.

The collection includes furniture, textiles, toys, crafts and everyday items.

Address: al. Jerozolimskie 3, Warsaw

The retro collection of the museum of life under communism

Warsaw prl museum
A collection of vintage items at the PRL Museum

This museum is retro heaven!

The general theme of the Museum Of Life Under Communism is everyday life in communist Poland.

Members of the public donated everyday items, such as electrical appliances, cosmetics, tea and chocolate boxes from the communist era. The collection is very impressive. It’s rare to see so many  vintage items in one place.

It’s interesting to note that graphic designers had a unique kind of creative freedom under communism. That’s because they were not designing ads or packaging in order to sell. Marketing wasn’t part of the process, as there was no competition in the market, people bought whatever was provided.

Buy tickets to the Museum Of Life Under Communism here

Address: 28/34 Piękna, Warsaw

Mysia 3 designer shopping centre

Warsaw design shop at Mysia 3
Deisgn shop at Mysia 3, Warsaw

This 3 floor shopping centre inside an old tenement house is home to a selection of boutiques and design shops.

You’ll find sashion, jewellery, art and home decor and plenty of original gift ideas by Polish and international designers and brands.

Mysia 3 also has a vinyl record store,a Leica camera shop and a photography gallery upstairs.

Address: Mysia 3, Warsaw

Tfh koncept – warsaw concept store

Warsaw concept store
Expect the unexpected at TFH concept store

A concept store in the centre of Warsaw for fashion, design and art, featuring the work of designers from Poland and Eastern Europe.

It’s a large shop with three floors (don’t miss the vintage basement), with an original and eclectic collection of design items, street wear, avant-garde clothing, accessories and cool art.

TFH Koncept has been around for 8 years. They sometimes host events, such as exhibition launch parties and burlesque shows.

Address: Szpitalna 8, Warsaw

Pan tu nie stał design shop

Warsaw design shopping
A cool place for shopping for original design – Pan tu nie stał

The Warsaw shops of a hip local brand with locations in Lodz, Wroclaw and Krakow, is located in the city centre.

It’s a colourful space with a separate room for children.

They offer original T-shirts, unique gifts, retro style clothing and accessories like pins, jewellery, bags and scarves. 

Address: Koszykowa 34/50, Warsaw

spots for design lovers in the praga district in warsaw

Design forum warsaw

Design Forum Warsaw
There’s a lot to see at Design Forum Warsaw

A huge, beautiful and inspiring home decor showroom in the Praga district of Warsaw, featuring Polish designers and artists.

There’s a similar shop in Krakow that I highly recommend visiting when you’re there (here’s my Krakow design guide).

They have anything for the home, including furniture, lighting, wall art ceramics and textiles, as well as some fashion and accessories. You can spend a while wandering around this showroom, there’s plenty to see.

Address: Szwedzka 2/4/bud 7, Warsaw

The warsaw neon museum

Located in the Soho creative hub, this museum has a large collection of old neon signs. These were very popular in Poland (and you can still see a lot of them around the city).

The museum has a beautiful display of the lit up signs against dark walls and feels like a colourful retro journey…

Neon Museum tickets

Address: Soho Factory, Mińska 25, Warsaw

Koneser entertainment centre in praga

Koneser, Praga
Koneser, Praga

A large and interesting complex with a nice mix of art galleries, public art, museums, shops, bars and restaurants.

It’s located at the site of the former Koneser Vodka Factory. Take your time and walk around the red brick buildings to discover some nice public art, such as  commissioned street art and outdoor exhibitions, many places to eat and drink and some unique shops.

There are several art galleries at Koneser. I recommend you have a look at  Totu art and Marek sulek.

Address: Plac Konesera 4, Warsaw

polish poster design in warsaw

Polish poster design museum Warsaw
The Poster Museum in Warsaw

Poster design is a big thing in Poland.

You’ll find quite a few poster galleries around the city as you walk around, especially near the old town.

If you’re a fan of the Polish Poster School or of great vintage graphic design, you can find plenty of authentic posters by Polish artists in Warsaw. 

The polish poster gallery

The gallery has a beautiful display of posters at the University of Warsaw library that’s worth checking out.  They offer both vintage and contemporary posters. While you’re there, you can visit the fabulous roof garden of the university library.

Address: Dobra 56/66, Warsaw

The poster museum in wilanow

A little bit outside of the city centre, next to the Wilanow Palace, there’s a museum dedicated to poster design, both Polish and international.

This is the world’s oldest poster museum (opened in 1966) with a focus on the artistic sides of poster design. It has a massive collection of posters with themed exhibitions.

While you’re there, visit the Wilanów Palace next door. Both the palace and the gardens are beautiful. I recommend booking in advance

Address: Stanisława Kostki Potockiego 10/16, Warsaw

Other things to check out

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