Vegan Vilnius guide – Great vegan food in the Lithuanian capital

Vilnius is a vegan friendly city 🙂

Last summer I had a fun visit in Vilnius, Lithuania for a couple of weeks, during which I went out to eat at the best vegan restaurants in Vilnius and found a wonderful vegan scene.

It’s quite easy to visit Vilnius as a vegan. The city has a really nice selection of vegan and vegetarian places to eat.

You can try vegan versions of traditional Lithuanian foods, but also find all sorts of international dishes, from vegan pizza to vegan sushi, and of course, the obligatory vegan burger and falafel that every vegan eatery seems to have on its menu these days.

I arrived in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, after spending some time in Lithuania’s second city, Kaunas.

I was happy to discover that although Baltic cuisine may not be known as vegan friendly, Kaunas is a vegan friendly city, and it set my expectations for Vilnius.

If you visit Vilnius for more than a day or two, you’ll soon notice that Vilnius takes its food culture seriously and that it’s a city that keeps up with the latest trends.

That’s why plant-based food is so creative in Vilnius and visiting the city as a vegan is a real joy.

Add to that the super stylish decor I found in most restaurants there and the very friendly prices in this Eastern European country, and you’ll see why vegans and vegetarians should really love Vilnius 😉

the best restaurants in vilnius for vegans and vegetarians:

Rosehip – vegan bistro in vilnius

RoseHip vegan restaurant in Vilnius
The irresistible vegan beetroot soup at RoseHip Vegan Bistro

Right in the centre of Vilnius, this vegan restaurant has a wonderful menu full of vegan delights.

Some are plant-based versions of traditional Lithuanian food and some are international dishes, like vegan burgers and Buddha bowls.

I loved the stylish decor with the pink neon sign and the cool atmosphere.

Actually, the walls are also pink and so are the napkins 😉

If you want to try something local, definitely get the beetroot soup. It’s a cold soup typical of Lithuania and its vegan version at Rosehip is excellent.

It’s served with crispy tofu cubes, spring onion and deal, with potato wedges on the side.

Address: Barboros Radvilaitės g. 7

RoseHip on Facebook

Vegafe – creative vegan food

Vegafe vegetarian restaurant in Vilnius

A large restaurant with stylish decor and plenty of vegan options.

The menu at Vegafe is delightfully creative, with starters, salads, soups, light meals, mains, desserts and smoothies.

There’s a good variety and all vegan options on the menu are marked with a little carrot. Raw and gluten free dishes are also marked on the menu. The rest of the food is vegetarian.

The food is fresh and follows Ayurvedic cooking traditions.

As a starter I had a traditional Lithuanian pastry called Kibinai. Its vegan version with soy and vegetables was rich in flavour.

My main dish was one of the best I’ve had. It’s called “Hearty Threesome” on the menu and has aubergine, tofu, potatoes, turmeric sauce, cashew nuts and pineapple slices with hot peppers and mint.

If it sounds like an amazing combination of flavours, that’s because it is!

Address: Totorių g. 3, Vilnius 01121

Vegafe on Facebook | Vegafe website

Vieta – vegetarian restaurant with vegan options in vilnius

Vieta Vegetarian Restaurant Vilnius
A colourful vegan meal at Vieta

Vieta is in a central location in Vilnius in a nice blue house.

I loved the pleasant atmosphere and sweet decor with house plants on the wall.

This vegetarian place has a menu that’s mostly vegan.

Vegan options are marked with a V and other items can be veganised.

There’s an English menu available at the counter.

I had a lovely scrambled tofu dish, made with marinated tofu and vegetables.

The menu has some starters and snacks like nachos and sun dried tomato tapenade, panini and salads.

Main dishes include a tofu steak, vegan burgers, soy chilli and vegan fish & chips.

Address: Šv. Ignoto g. 12-1, Vilnius 01144

Vieta on Facebook

Chaika – vilnius vegan cafe & bakery

Chaika vegan cafe in Vilnius
Delicious vegan cakes

I loved this super cute cafe! It has fantastic vegan cakes that easily dispel any silly myths about vegan desserts…

The menu is in English and Lithuanian and the cakes on display were really hard to choose from.

It’s also a good place to go for coffee or a vegan sandwich.

The atmosphere is sweet and very cosy.

If you want to impress any non-vegan friends with how good vegan cake can be, this is the place to take them.

Address: Totorių g. 7 Vilnius

Chaika on Facebook

Petražolės – persian food in the city centre

Petrazoles Persian food in Vilnius
Vegetable nuggets, with deep fried mushroom and cauliflower

When you visit the Old Town of Vilnius, you’ll find this veggie Persian and Middle Eastern restaurant a couple of minutes from the tourist information centre.

The menu is in English and includes many vegan options.

Falafel in different shapes and forms seems to be the star of the menu, but there is a good variety of other main, salads and soups, all with photos.

The place is vegetarian, but most of the food is vegan.

They serve generous portions, so go there when you’re really hungry 😉

Address: Radvilaitės g. 5, Vilnius

Petražolės on Facebook

Casa la familia – vegan pizza in vilnius

La Casa Familia - Vegan pizza in Vilnius
Spicy vegan pizza at La Casa Familia, Vilnius

Every city needs a vegan pizza place!

This place is vegetarian, but has no less than 7 vegan pizzas on the menu.

There’s a menu in English and you make your order at the counter.

The pizza comes in two sizes, and though I went there when I was quite hungry, the smaller size filled me up quickly. The larger size is good for sharing.

I had the hot soy pizza, which comes with vegan mozzarella, marinated red onions, sun dried tomatoes and spicy soy.

A great choice if you like spicy food and if you’re a fan of sun dried tomatoes like me 🙂

They also have some vegan desserts, including ice cream and vegan Oreo cake, plus some vegan snacks and salads and a great home made lemonade.

Casa La Familia is in a nice location by a small park, a short walk from the city centre.

Address: Rūdninkų g. 18 01135 Vilnius

Casa La Familia on Facebook


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They all look delicious!! So nice to see how many options are here now! When we went in 2016 I don’t think many of these places existed!

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