Vegan Tips for Seville, Spain

Seville is an enchanting, beautiful and very relaxed city, but it’s not a particularly vegan-friendly place. 

It’s the fourth largest city in Spain, after Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and while I found the three of those quite welcoming for vegans, Seville is not.

Still, there are few vegan restaurants and some more vegetarian and veg-friendly ones. With a bit of planning, and after reading reviews on Happy Cow, I found some restaurants worth mentioning.


Veganitessen is a vegan place within a food market called Mercado del Arenal, with some tables and chairs, open at lunchtime (which is quite late in Spain – they close at 4:30pm).

I went there a couple of times during my visit to Seville and everything was delicious. They  offer a large selection of vegan food – burgers, pizzas, lasagna, sandwiches, soups and lots more. The vegan cakes were fantastic!

Vegan cake at Veganitessen in Seville
Veganitessen – vegan cake

The menu changes daily, so you can have lunch there more than once and find new things to try. Prices are inexpensive and the service is friendly. Highly recommended.


Arte y Sabor

This is not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, which I wouldn’t normally go to, but a local friend suggested we meet there, so we did. It’s a lovely, friendly place and they do have some vegan and vegetarian options on the menu. There’s a menu in English available.

It’s located in one of the hip neighbourhoods of Seville, overlooking the large, tree lined boulevard called Alameda de Hercules. Sit there for a while and you will start to feel as laid-back as the locals.

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UPDATE: The restaurant has closed down.

A pleasant organic vegetarian restaurant and tapas bar in the city centre. They have an English menu with many vegan options marked clearly on the menu. They also have a cheap “menu of the day” (menu del día) during the week at lunchtime.

Hummus - Vegan tapas at Organics in Seville
Vegan Tapas at Organics


More Tips for Vegans in Seville

Have access to a kitchen: I stayed with locals in their apartment apartment, so I could cook for myself. Although the city does have some nice vegan-friendly restaurants, it’s not the ideal place for vegans, so having access to a kitchen is definitely useful.

Plant based milk: You can easily get soy milk, rice milk and almond milk at any supermarket in Seville. They’re inexpensive and widely available. Note that most supermarkets in Seville are not open on Sunday.

Meal times: Pay attention to the opening hours – many restaurants in Spain are closed in the afternoon and on Sunday. Meal times in Spain are a bit unusual – lunch starts around 1 or 2pm and goes on until about 4pm, and dinner starts around 8pm. Some places (like Organic’s recommended in this post) are open all day long.

Got more vegan travel tips for Seville? Share them in the comments below

Vegan Tips for Seville Spain
Vegan Tips – Seville Spain

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