Vegan Brno Guide: The Best Vegan Food in Brno, Czech Republic

Brno, the second city in the Czech Republic, is a truly vegan-friendly city.

It’s always nice to visit a city where vegans are spoilt for choice 🙂

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian visiting Brno, you can eat out at different restaurants every day of your visit.

On a walking tour I took in Brno, the guide mentioned that the city had the highest percentage of vegans and vegetarians in the Czech Republic.

The selection of vegan and vegetarian places is pretty impressive.

This guide focuses on the best vegan places to eat in Brno. There are even more places for vegetarians around the city.

Get an offline map of all the places mentioned in this guide here

Forkys – Vegan Fast Food with Healthier Options

Forkys - vegan food in Brno

The first vegan restaurant I visited in Brno, following a tip from the Brno Tourist Information Centre, was a huge place called Forkys.

It’s located right in the centre of Brno, with great decor and natural light.

There are two levels and plenty of seating space.

The menu is varied. They offer vegan fast food like a kebab wrap and vegan burgers, alongside healthier meals, such as Buddha bowls and some Asian dishes.

Everything is 100% vegan and it’s a plastic free restaurant too.

Order your food at the counter and while you wait, have a look at the names of famous vegans and vegetarians on the wall.

I had the kebab tortilla wrap, made of seitan. It was a quick meal, well seasoned and satisfying. It’s very tasty if you like your food spicy.

On another occasion I tried the French burger which was delicious as well.

For dessert, Forkys have a separate counter for vegan cakes and hot drinks.


Fryends – Vegan Burgers and Sandwiches

Fryends - Vegan fast food

This place is perfect for a quick vegan lunch in the city centre.

Food is served out of a small window and there’s no seating, but there are some benches right next to it.

Brno is a really inexpensive city, and Fryends is super affordable even by Brno standards.

I got a menu in English from the friendly guy at the window.

On the menu you’ll find several vegan burgers and baguettes, plus baked potatoes and vegan dips.

They use meat and egg substitutes, as well as vegan cheese.

I went for the cheese baguette, with a vegan omelette and Violife vegan cheese.

It was really tasty and came in warm, crispy bread with the right amount of salad and pickles.


Tři Ocásci – The Place for Ethical Vegans

Tři Ocásci Brno

When you enter the restaurant, after going down a few steps, you’ll find yourself in a cosy space, with political flyers lying around.

This is a 100% vegan restaurant, run by a co-op and selling fair trade coffee.

Being an ethical vegan for many years now, I still remember veganism wasn’t always in the mainstream, so I could definitely appreciate the activist vibes 😉

Ask for the English menu at the bar and choose from different types of vegan burgers, wraps, chips and salads.

I had the vegan cheese burger made of seitan, with vegetable chips. It came with a small salad and a tasty dip.

Everything was delicious and the seitan patty had a great texture.

You can also order vegan sweets, including traditional Czech sweets, made in their sister bakery (which I also visited – more about it later).

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Natutti – Delicious Vegan Bistro

Natutti Brno - Vegan bistro

I nearly missed this place, because I passed by it twice in the evening when it was closed, but so glad I didn’t miss it!

After checking the opening times on Facebook, I got there when they were still open for lunch.

It is a cosy, brightly lit space with super chilled vibes, not far from the city centre and the castle.

The menu changes daily. It includes a soup and a main dish that you can order separately or together.

There were also a quiche and tortillas at the counter plus beautiful vegan cakes and desserts.

I had the spinach soup with coconut milk and a tortilla with vegetables and peanut sauce. Both were fresh and absolutely delicious.

The orange cake had a great texture and a delicate flavour.

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Mooi – Healthy Fast Food

Mooi Vegan Wraps

This vegan eatery is right next to Brno’s central train station.

That makes it a perfect place if you need to quickly grab a meal or a take-out before boarding a train, or if you arrive in the city and you’re hungry for a nice vegan wrap.

It’s a cute little place with cool decor and bar stools. There’s some outdoor seating on the deck outside.

The food falls into the “healthy fast food” category.

The menu is on the board in Czech, but they do have a printed menu in English, so ask for it at the counter.

Mooi specialises in vegan kebab wraps that come in pitta bread or tortilla, plus chips with vegan dips.

I really enjoyed the “Budha” wrap, a vegan kebab made of seitan and tofu with coconut curry sauce, pineapple and salad. It was wonderfully juicy and full of flavour.


Die Kuche – Cool Vegan Place in a Music Club

Die Kuche Brno

This is a cool space in the city centre, full of light with hanging plants and cool art on the walls and plenty of seating indoors and outdoors.

The restaurant is inside a record store and a music club called Kabinet Muz.

They have a lunch menu and an afternoon menu and all the food is vegan.

I took a little journey into the world of vegan cheese and ordered the four cheese pastry.

The food was fresh and the portion was just the right size to enjoy all the flavours.

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Pizza Punk – Vegan Pizza in Brno

Pizza Punk - Vegan pizza in Brno

A cosy space with wooden tables and punk stickers and posters on the walls.

You’ll see the menu on the wall when you enter. It’s in Czech, but the guy in the kitchen translated it for me.

They offer three types of vegan pizza and the menu changes weekly.

I had a pizza with cream base, dried tomatoes, basil and artichoke.

It’s not too far from the city centre. I went there after a visit to Špilberk Castle and it was just a short walk away.

This is a place you want to go to when you’re really hungry, because service is very fast and the pizza is very filling.


Zdravy Zivot – Health Food & Organic Food

Zdravy Zivot healthy food Brno

The name of this restaurant means “healthy life” in Czech.

Remember the days when vegan restaurants were all about healthy eating?

With the proliferation of vegan burgers and vegan kebabs, those places seem almost nostalgic 😉

It’s a lovely space with arches, warm and inviting decor and a big garden at the back.

The location is close to the city centre and to Spilberk Castle.

It is a pay by weight buffet. There’s a nice selection of healthy food, with signs above the buffet with the names of the dishes in English. Everything is vegan.

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Sqog – Trendy Vegetarian Cafe

This is a super trendy spot in Brno.

On a walking tour I took, the guide described it as “hipster paradise”.

You’ll see the laptops at the window before you go in…

When you go in, you’ll notice the place is full. Always. Every time I went there it was full and I couldn’t be bothered to wait… Until one day I walked in and realised there were more tables upstairs 😉

The menu is vegetarian with vegan options (including vegan cake) and changes often, so ask the waitstaff what’s vegan today.

The location is central and close to the Tourist Information Centre.

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Vegan Food & Sweet Bar

Vegan Food and Sweet Bar

The big white sign “Vegan Sweet Bar” put a smile on my face the moment I saw it.

Inside, I had to stand in front of a vegan doughnut display for a good few minutes before I could pick one 😉

I went for the forest fruit which was great.

There is plenty of space to sit indoors and outdoors and the atmosphere is very calm.

They also have vegan ice cream, cupcakes and cakes, and they all looked splendid.

Although the place is known for its vegan sweets, they serve some savoury food as well, including a vegan burger and curry.


Cukrarna – Vegan Desserts

Cukrarna - vegan sweets in Brno

This is a wonderful place to try all sorts of vegan desserts in Brno.

There’s a large counter as you enter and a display of vegan cakes and other sweets.

I wanted to try a traditional Czech dessert and was recommended the Laskonka.

It’s a large biscuit with a crispy base filled with nut cream, which was delicious.

The space is charming with quirky-cute decor and located not too far from the main square in Brno and from Spilberk Castle.

Bozsky kopecek – Vegan Ice Cream in Brno

You’ll see these cute vintage vegan ice cream vans on sunny days in Brno in various locations, including the Cabbage Market Square.

Flavours are on the board, also in English, and change almost daily.

They have some great flavours like persimmon and cinnamon or blood orange and ginger.


Kafe Friedrich – Light Vegan Meals & Coffee

Kafe Friedrich Brno

A sweet little cafe with chilled vibes, serving vegan desserts and light lunches.

It’s a great place to grab a quick lunch, or to sit for a while and relax with coffee and cake.

Though it’s classified as vegetarian on Happy Cow, I was assured that all the food was vegan.

It’s only classified as vegetarian because they serve coffee with cow milk, so you can easily add this to your list of vegan places to eat in Brno.

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I had no idea that there were so many vegan options in Brno. It can be so hard to find vegan food in some places, so I feel like this guide would be extremely helpful to people trying to maintain their vegan diet for health and ethical reasons.

How interesting! I’m not a vegan, but as a vegetarian I get that it can be so difficult to find healthy, good food when traveling. This is such a great list. I love that Mooi has healthy fast food! Good vegan/vegetarian food is so hard to find when you’re on the go!

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