Travel Photography: Stunning Lake Bled, Slovenia


Lake Bled in Slovenia is the kind of place that looks like a postcard and you just can’t stop taking pictures of it!

The picturesque lake Bled  is one of Slovenia’s top tourist destinations. The beauty and tranquility you see in the photos below pretty much explains why. 

It’s not too big, with a 6 km walking route around it from which you can get magnificent views of the lake, the island and the Julian Alps.

On the day of our visit it rained for a few hours, so the place wasn’t too crowded.

I took some pictures of the lake both in the rain and in the sun, when it finally came out; it looked marvellous in any weather.

Photo of the lake and the island in Bled, Slovenia

The beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia - boats on the lake

Magical Lake Bled, Slovenia

Boats in Lake Bled Slovenia

Peaceful Lake Bled, Slovenia by TalBright

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Travel Photography - Stunning Lake Bled, Slovenia - a day trip from Ljubljana
Travel Photography – Stunning Lake Bled, Slovenia

Travel Photography Stunning Lake Bled, Slovenia

Beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia


I think I have Slovenia on my list only for Lake Bled. I haven’t really heard much about this country maybe because lake bled is so picturesque that it takes away all the beauty of other places and absorbs it in itself. It’s a marvellous site and I wish to see it someday.

You have captured the tranquility of the lake so well. Looking at these pictures made me feel so relaxed.

UGH this is so beautiful!! You and your talent are giving me all the inspo right now. I may also be a little jealous, but we won’t talk about that 🙂 thank you so much for sharing this!!

I literally just heard of Lake Bled this weekend. I can’t believe I didn’t know this place existed! I am so disappointed!!! Your photos are stunning & so happy I stumbled upon your page!!

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