Great Travel Photographers Worth Following

If you are moved by good photography like I am, you’re going to enjoy this post 🙂

There are few things that can cure your wanderlust when you’re not travelling. Very, very few. One of them is spending your days endlessly browsing through travel photos.

There are tons of creative talents and some real photography gems around.

Here’s my hand picked list of photographers to follow for some spectacular views of the world.

I have a feeling this post is going to be the first in a series, so feel free to recommend more travel photographers in the comments.

Anita Sane

An amazing photographer that I discovered on my last visit to Latvia. She will certainly inspire you to travel! She captures magnificent, colourful landscapes everywhere she goes.

Some of her photos look like the most creative postcards. She also writes detailed and well researched travel guides on her blog, The Sane Travel.

Kamila Napora


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Kamila produces some fascinating travel photography. If you browse her photos, you’ll notice it’s there’s something very realistic about them, almost raw, but very beautiful thanks to her superb compositions.


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Her blog focuses on travels in Eastern Europe, her speciality.

Estelle Lee


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A unique perspective and beautiful use of colours and angles drew me to her photos. She says about herself: “Traveling has enabled me to find a certain magic in the world that I can share with the world through my photography.”


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Selma Kjartansdóttir

I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland, it’s high up on my list, but if I needed convincing I’d go to Selma Kjartansdóttir’s Instagram for a dose of white light and inspiration.

She takes enchanting landscape and nature photos of Iceland and of her travel destinations. Such a treat.

Julie Falconer aka A Lady in London


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No matter how many times I’ve been to London, I’m always waiting in anticipation for new photos of the city from A Lady in London.

Her photography style is always so clean and elegant, and she has a way of seeing London’s most interesting corners.


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Her blog will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about London, plus some articles from her world travel.

Kimberley Anderson

She takes stunning photos of cityscapes, landscapes and architecture with a generous dose of passion and creativity poured into each and every photo.

Her beautiful website features her travel photography from many different countries as well as some photo stories.

Jennifer Tuffen aka izkiz


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Her massive following on Instagram is definitely justified. She has her own distinct style, posting magical pictures from her travels that look almost unreal.


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If you want to reproduce some of that magic, try her own photo filter phone app and check out her travel blog.

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