Travel Eat Slay – The Traveller Fashion Statement

Travel Eat Slay is an inspiring, trendy fashion brand, for millenials who travel. I interviewed the entrepreneur Caroline Sande who created the brand.


“When your clothing pretty much sums up your holiday”…

Travel Eat Slay is a super cool fashion brand that any traveller will instantly relate to.

Simply put, it lets you present your amazing travel lifestyle to the world with a bold statement. It might also inspire others to travel.

Unsurprisingly, it will also look great on your Instagram account  😉


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I’m always happy to connect with like minded people, especially travellers, so when I found out about Travel Eat Slay, I wanted to meet the entrepreneur behind it.

Caroline Sande, who created the brand herself, met me for coffee in London.

I was in London on a long visit, and Caroline lives there and makes lots of spontaneous trips abroad (one of the benefits of living in one of Europe’s best travel hubs…)

We had a chat about our love of travel, about travel blogging and about her original idea of putting an iconic Gen Y travel statement on a t-shirt (and as you’ll see in the interview below, not just t-shirts).


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Travel Eat Slay is gaining popularity, especially on Instagram where more and more happy millennials are joining the #TravelEatSlay squad, sharing their selfies wearing the t-shirt.

Caroline puts her heart into her brand, and I found her passion and ambition really impressive! So I decided to interview Caroline for this blog, to share her work with more travellers around the world.

Travel Eat Slay – Interview with Caroline Sande

How did you come up with the idea to start a clothing line of your own?

This idea was birthed through my previous job that allowed me to travel and stay in luxury hotels and eat good food.

I needed a fashionable souvenir to reflect the lifestyle I was living.

With travel becoming more of a trendy lifestyle for millennials I wanted to provide them something they can relate to.

How often do you go travelling?

I do not have a fixed time for when I travel. If I find a cheap flight to a destination that is part of my bucket list then I go.

I have adopted travelling in the form of day trips which allows me to have a quick 12-24 hours in one city- take the 1st flight out and be home with the last flight.

What has been your favourite travel destination so far?

Tough one. Every destination I have been to had its perks or taught me a lesson.


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Took my first solo trip to Crete and then went on a day trip to Santorini.

Wore the same clothes for 4 days in Cuba due to the airline losing my luggage.

Suffered heat stroke in Arizona while trekking to see the Grand Canyon.

Endured a 2 hours bus ride in Mexico for Chichen Itza.

Hustled threw Makola market in Ghana and those in Marrakech.

Where are you planning to go next and why?

I will be going to Marseille, France. A friend has organised a trip with 8 other girls.

I have not been on a group trip nor have I been to Marseille so I saw this to be a good opportunity to add this to the checklist.

What reactions do you get to your t-shirts? 

I recently exhibited at BlackGirlFest event and I was impressed at the response from the audience.


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Some knew of my brand already while some were hearing about it for the first time, but the consensus was that they liked the merchandise and how the name reflected their lifestyle (or one they would like to live).

Such feedback fuels my efforts to have my brand known in more countries and publications.

What’s the best thing and the worst thing about running your own travel fashion brand?

Best thing is to see my passion and hard work being received in a good light and customers purchasing the merchandise and seeing the photos of their travel adventures wearing my brand.


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The worst thing currently is that I work alone, meaning I am hands on with everything about the brand, from social media to sales and everything else in-between.

There are no days off because if I do not push or work no one else will get the work done for me.

What’s your current product range? And what items do you plan to add in future?

My current collection includes t-shirts, vests, hoodies and custom popsockets (for your phone).

In future I will be including swimwear, tote bags and luggage tags.

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Travel Eat Slay – The Traveller Fashion Statement


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