Beautiful boutique hotels in Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece, is a vibrant city with a fresh and exciting design scene. It was a real joy to discover some truly beautiful, top quality boutique hotels in Athens.

A major highlight my last trip to Athens was the accommodation. I had a chance to stay at four different design hotels in Athens, each with its own unique style and character.

Boutique hotels in Athens go the extra mile to deliver an extraordinary experience, not just a place to sleep.

A lot of thought and effort is put into the décor and the atmosphere. The attention to detail is really impressive.

Top Boutique Hotels in Athens

Staying in boutique hotels in Athens transforms a short visit to the city into a truly special urban experience.

Here’s a selection of fours wonderful hotels I got to stay in:

The Foundry Hotel Athens

The Foundry Suites Athens - Design Hotel
A luxury boutique hotel in Athens – The Foundry

The Foundry offers spacious luxury suites in a central location, with sophisticated design and lovely rooftop garden.

The first thing you see when you enter The Foundry Suites is a massive bookcase with vintage items and plants that’s quite striking. What a way to make the best first impression!

That bookcase leads you right to the reception desk, where we were welcomed by friendly staff.

I had a look around to see all the cool movie posters on the walls and peeked into the wine cellar through a window in the floor, while waiting to be shown to our suites.

Each luxury suite has its own unique design with lots of surprising details.

The décor is sophisticated and contemporary, but with some wonderful vintage, Mid Century Modern touches, like the cute record player in each suite.

We slept in the four person suite. It was spacious with high ceilings, had two floors and two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining table, and a living room.

The Foundry Suites Bedroom - Boutique Hotels in Athens

The location is central, in the neighbourhood of Psyrri, about 5 minutes from Monastiraki Square and close to many other main attractions in Athens.

Our stay was super comfortable and for breakfast we got a picnic basket 🙂 I asked for a vegan breakfast and they prepared a special basket for me.

Taking the lift to the top floor, you exit straight into the beautiful roof garden overlooking Athens with a nice view of the Acropolis.

It would have been great to have our breakfast there too, but time was short as we had a plane to catch… Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do it next time I visit Athens, because this boutique hotel is the kind of place I would love to stay in again.

Check availability at The Foundry Hotel

NEW Hotel Athens

New Hotel - Lobby - Boutique Hotels in Athens
NEW deign hotel in Athens

NEW Hotel offers modern urban chic, excellent hospitality and a luxurious atmosphere.

The lobby of New Hotel is designed to impress.

The walls are covered in pieces of furniture. Not entire pieces of furniture of course, but bits that were left from the previous hotel in the same building, re-used during the renovation.

Later, as we got to explore other parts of the hotel, we found more of these surprises everywhere.

The unique look of this Athens design hotel is the work of Brazilian designers the Campana Brothers.

Their mission was to create a contemporary hotel, integrated with the local area.

The result was 79 rooms, each with its own original art installation, inspired by Greek folklore and other local influences.

New Hotel Athens - Bedroom

It gives each room a unique feeling. The general atmosphere is of modern luxury with an artistic vibe.

We went up to the rooftop for some great views of Athens and found a lovely bar with a library and comfy sofas.

We had breakfast at the restaurant on the ground floor and had a good buffet selection, as well as à la carte service.

If you’re vegan you’ll find some options in the buffet and you can ask for plant-based milk.

New Hotel - Bathroom

The location is central and close to Syntagma Square. You can easily walk from there to all the main Athens attractions. It’s also good starting point for taking walking tours in Athens.

All in all, we had a very positive experience at this design hotel and were very impressed not just by the design, but also by the excellent service throughout our stay.

Check availability at NEW Hotel

Ergon House Athens Design Hotel

Ergon House atrium - design hotel in Athens
The gorgeous entrance to Ergon House Hotel

Ergon House Hotel offers elegant minimalism, excellent food and a great location.

You enter Ergon House Hotel via a massive atrium that immediately makes you look up in wonder.

The huge mural on one wall and the hanging herb garden on the other are simply stunning.

After having a look around the restaurant and delicatessen, designed like a historical marketplace, I went up to the reception. The staff were friendly and welcoming.

Ergon House Hotel - Bedroom - Boutique Hotels in Athens

Rooms at Ergon House Hotel come in different sizes, maintaining a similar style. We stayed in the XL room.

It was very spacious, well lit and tastefully decorated. The design is a mix of contemporary style and retro chic.

I loved the wooden floors and wooden furniture, the vintage radio on the desk, and the beautiful round mirror above it.

The interior design creates a very calm atmosphere, with muted colours and gentle minimalism.

This Athens boutique hotel has a communal room on each floor. Next to the reception there’s a stylish lounge area. On another floor there’s a gym and on our floor there was a communal kitchen.

Breakfast was served à la carte in the restaurant downstairs. The menu had a decent selection of savoury and sweet dishes.

If you’re vegan, just explain to the waitstaff what you need, as they will accommodate vegans and vegetarians.

Ergon House Hotel - Breakfast
Breakfast at Ergon House boutique hotel

The location is in Plaka, a short walk from both Syntagma Square and Monastiraki Square in the heart of Athens, so it’s ideally located for exploring the city on foot.

There are a lot of small streets nearby that are fun to wander around. It’s a great starting point if you want to discover some hidden gems in Athens.

You can reach the Acropolis in about 15 minutes (and we could also see it from the window in our room 🙂 ).

Check availability at Ergon House Hotel

Pinnacle Boutique Hotel Athens

The Pinnacle Athens Boutique Hotel lobby
Photo by The Pinnacle Hotel

The Pinnacle Athens offers uniquely designed suites, an art collection and a roof terrace.

While we were waiting at the lobby of the Pinnacle Hotel, I couldn’t help but notice the attractive display of design items next to the reception desk.

It turned out to be a gift shop of curated art and design offered to guests, just as you’d expect to find in a boutique hotel.

We later found that the hotel works in cooperation with Greek artists and designers.

The lovely floral wallpaper around the lift by the lobby attracted my attention right away.

The stairs that go up 9 floors function as an intriguing and super eclectic art gallery.

They are decorated with a huge collection of artworks of all kinds, so we took the lift going up, but always took the stairs going down 😉

The Pinnacle Hotel
Photo by The Pinnacle Hotel

The building itself is a former shopping centre transformed into a boutique hotel.

It has 16 suites in different sizes, each with its own unique design.

Our suite had a sofa facing a fireplace, a kitchenette with a complimentary bottle of wine, a desk, a wardrobe and various pieces of art.

The Pinnacle Hotel bedroom - Boutique Hotels in Athens
Photo by The Pinnacle Hotel

We had our breakfast on the roof terrace. It has great views of the city from above.

The location is central and within walking distance from the main attractions and shopping streets of Athens.

Check availability at The Pinnacle Athens

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I visited Athens on a media trip organised by Galit Weinberg and Adi Shapira, who run unique trips for women. I’d like to thanks the hotels for inviting us to stay. All opinions are my own.



They all look amazing! I would love to stay in one of these stylish hotels on my future trips to Athens. I’ve been there several times, and will go back for sure since It’s so close to my home town.

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