Laptop Friendly Cafes in Malaga, Spain

During a week’s visit to Málaga, I needed to get some work done, and while my rental flat had a decent WiFi connection, I didn’t want to stay there for hours when I could be in the city.

I found some cool laptop-friendly cafes in Málaga to work from with free WiFi, power plugs and a nice atmosphere.  

Recyclo Bike Café

This is a colorful and inviting cafe and bar. It’s spacious and has both sofas and tables. Their website promises that they try to serve locally sourced food and I was happy to find some vegan options on the menu – always a plus!

Another plus is the opening hours – it’s open throughout the day (in Spain many cafes and restaurants close for siesta in the afternoon). It also has a bike shop next door, where you can rent a bike. If I were to stay in Málaga longer, I’d probably be a regular there.

El Último Mono Juice & Coffee

This cafe is in a very central location, close to the main square in Málaga, Plaza de la Constitución. It specialises in coffee and juices, and also had some sandwiches and muffins.

It seems to be a popular place – I had to wait in line to get my coffee – but service is quick and friendly. Many get a take-away coffee there, so the place isn’t too crowded and it was easy to find a place to sit. The retro chic design is appealing, and you have tables and sofas to choose from.

Café Con Libros

This cafe has a bohemian feel, some colourful funky decor and as the name suggests – bookshelves. They have an English menu, but I only had a smoothie, so can’t comment on the food.

It has fast internet and plenty of space, both outdoors and indoors. If you sit outside, you’ll be on a street full of cafes and restaurants, but inside there’s a back room which is quieter. I sat inside and got quite a lot of work done.


Got more suggestions for work-friendly cafes in Málaga? Share them in the comments below.

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Laptop Friendly Cafes in Malaga Spain
A Guide to Laptop Friendly Cafes in Malaga


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