Italy virtual tours: Armchair travel ideas

There’s a really nice selection of virtual tours in Italy available online these days. In this post I’ve curated the top-rated tours, with details on what you can expect from the online experience and what reviewers have said about them.

Why take a virtual tour in Italy?

  • Virtual tours let you travel from home and at a fraction of the price of a real-life tour with a guide.
  • It’s a good idea to use them for entertainment and education, but also to help you plan future trips to Rome, Milan, Venice or elsewhere in Italy.
  • The best thing about taking a virtual tour, rather than just watching videos online, is of course the interaction with a live guide. Guides can answer questions, give local tips and share specialised knowledge.

You can join these tours from your phone, computer or tablet, either on your own or with others in the room. Just check that audio and video work on your device before the online experience starts.

Some online experiences use Zoom, in which case you’ll be sent a zoom link when you register. Others have their own interface and you’ll be given login details to join the tour.

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Rome virtual tours

There are many virtual tours of Rome online, so I’ve selected the ones with the best ratings and reviews.

Colosseum & Gladiators virtual tour in Rome

Colosseum in Rome virtual tour

This online tour via Zoom takes you to ancient Rome and to one of its greatest historical monuments, the Colosseum. Guided by a history expert, this tour is rich in information and stories, plus you get a chance to ask the guide questions.

Duration: 1 hour

Colosseum virtual tour review

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Vatican & Sistine Chapel virtual tour

For art and history lovers, this virtual tour of the Vatican Museums, the gorgeous Sistine Chapel with its famous artworks and St. Peter’s Basilica is a chance to explore all that beauty with a professional guide. This is an interactive online learning experience with live Q&A.

Duration:  1 hour

Vatican virtual tour review

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Virtual tour of ancient Rome

An interactive online tour using photos, videos, polls and chat to introduce you to ancient Rome. The tour covers historical highlights with a chance to ask the guide questions.

Duration:  1 hour

ancient Rome virtual tour review

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Wonders of Rome with a theologian

A virtual tour of some of Rome’s best highlights. It’s based on photos and videos, storytelling and humour, and you’ll get some tips to help you plan a trip to Rome and a chance to ask the guide questions.

Duration:  75 mins

Rome virtual tour review

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Venice virtual tours

Secrets of Venice with a born Venetian

Venice virtual tours - Carnival mask

This top-rated tour isn’t just about the beauty of Venice, but also about its cultural curiosities and traditional crafts, like the famous Carnival masks. It’s led by an experienced local guide who will make you feel like you’re actually there πŸ™‚

Duration: 60 mins

Secrets of Venice virtual tour review

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Venice highlights virtual tour

Venice Italy Virtual Tours

An interactive online experience with an expert guide, including a live Q&A, focusing on the popular tourist attractions in Venice.

Duration: 1 hour

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Jewish Ghetto of Venice

Virtual tours in Venice Italy

For history buffs, this educational online tour tells the story of the first ghetto in the world in an informative and engaging way, led by a local guide.

Duration: 90 mins

Jewish Ghetto of Venice tour review

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Virtual tours of major cities in Italy

Milan Virtual Tour

Milan virtual tours

This tour uses videos, 360 degree images and local knowledge to let you discover Italy’s second largest city and its main attractions , like  the Teatro alla Scala and Milan Cathedral.  This online tour is led by a local guide who is happy to customize it for you if you have special requests.

Duration: 90 mins

Milan Virtual Tour review

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Florence highlights virtual guided tour

Florence virtual tours

Florence is a truly beautiful place to escape to for an hour with this virtual tour. The tour covers the main highlights, like the Uffizi Gallery and Ponte Vecchio, and also includes a live Q&A with the guide.

Duration: 1 hour

Florence highlights virtual guided tour review

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Explore regions of Italy with online tours

Amalfi coast virtual tour

Amalfi coast virtual tours

This tour offers a virtual hike of one of Italy’s most popular regions: Amalfi coast. It uses video to show you the beautiful scenery and includes interactive parts and quizzes. The guide shares hiking tips and details on hiking trails, so you can use it to prepare for a real-life visit to Amalfi coast in future.

Duration: 75 mins

Amalfi coast virtual tour review

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Northern Italy virtual tour

northern Italy virtual tours

This popular tour uses a Zoom video session to explore Northern Italy, its landscapes, main destinations and hidden gems. This is another online tour that includes the travel tips you need to plan a real trip in future.

Duration: 75 mins

Northern Italy virtual tour review

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Italian culture online experiences

Online Italian cooking class

Learn how to make authentic Italian dishes from 5 different grandmas teaching different recipes each day of the week (including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options). This is a live stream experience using Zoom and you’ll get the list of ingredients in advance and be cooking in your own kitchen.

Duration: 90 mins

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Italian spiced wines

This unique online experience is a history lesson mixed with wine tasting…

Learn about Italian spiced wine from the Roman times, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The recipes for red and white wine will be provided and while drinking, your guide will tell you the historical stories of these recipes.

Duration: 60 mins

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Italian language and hand gestures

An online Italian lesson with a Toscan teacher via Zoom. You’ll learn essential phrases for a trip to Italy, as well as those typical Italian hand gestures.

Duration: 1 hour

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Italian folk songs

Travel through Italy with regional songs πŸ™‚ An Italian musician will teach you popular folk songs from different parts of the country. It’s the kind of virtual experience that combines culture, tradition and entertainment.

Duration: 1 hour

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Italy has always been one of my favourite travel destinations. It’s the kind of place I can visit again and again and never tire of its beauty. I hope you enjoy  these virtual tours and experiences in one of the best places to visit in the world.

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