Free tours in Germany

Which cities in Germany have a free walking tour?

Many German cities have a free walking tour, including Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne.

How are free tours free? These tours are tip-based. You don’t pay anything in advance, but you tip the guide at the end of the tour as much as you think the tour was worth.

The guides on free tours are professional, trained guides, who make sure the tours are engaging and entertaining for everyone.

In most big cities in Germany, you can learn about the history, culture, architecture, landmarks and local anecdotes from a local guide and get to know a new city in just a couple of hours.

Here’s the list of free walking tours in Germany

Free tours in Berlin

Free Walking Tour of Berlin: The introductory tour you want to take on your first or second day in the city. Berlin is huge and has a complex history and a lot of monuments, so I highly reccomend exploring it with a local guide to put things in context.

This free Berlin tour covers all the main landmarks, like the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Monument, Checkpoint Charlie and Museum Island.

Free Berlin Bike Tour: Most free tours are walkign tours, but Berlin also has its own free cycling tour.

Bike tours are great if you’re short on time and want to see more places that you’d be able to cover on a walking tour. This Berlin bike tour takes you to see the main highlights and a bit beyond.

Berlin Wall Free Tour: The Berlin Wall is one of the most famous things to see in Berlin. A free tour of the wall lets you learn about the history of this symbol of the Cold War in an engaging way.

Mysteries & Legends Free Tour: Discover Berlin’s dark side… the city’s history offers more than a handful of stories for this kind of tour, and the guide will tell you some local legends and mystery tales as well.

Free tours in Bavaria: Munich, Nuremberg and Bamberg

Free Walking Tour of Munich: Munich is famous for Oktoberfest and many people visit the city especially for that celebration. On a free tour of Munich, you can get to know the city, its culture and history and see all its main highlights in about 3 hours.

Free Walking Tour of Nuremberg: The city has an interesting medieval history and preserved buildings. This free walking tour covers those as well as its more recent 20th-century history.

Bamberg Free Tour: Bamberg became a UNESCO World Heritage city as an example of an early medieval town, also famous for its local breweries. Take a free walking tour to see its beautiful streets and get to know its history,

Free tours in other big cities in Germany

Hamburg free tour

Hamburg Old Town Free Tour: The old town of Hamburg is well worth exploring with a knowledgeable local guide. Take a tour to learn about the history and architecture of the city and see all the highlights.

Cologne free tour

Free Walking Tour of Cologne: Cologne is a beautiful place to visit in Germany. The free Cologne tour takes you to see the old iconic buildings of the city, its beautiful urban nature and some hidden corners.

Leipzig free tour

Free Walking Tour of Leipzig: Leipzig is well known for its cultural scene and is a great destination for art and music lovers. The free walking tour cover some of its main cultural institutions, like the Opera House, and other important landmarks.

Frankfurt free tour

Frankfurt Free Walking Tour: A tour around Frankfurt’s old town with its unique wooden houses, as well as its modern buildings and skyscrapers. Learn about Frankfurt in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

Dresden free tour

Free Walking Tour Dresden: This free walking tour will teach you about the complex history of Dresden, while also exploring its beautiful European Baroque architecture.

Why take free walking tours in Germany?

I love taking free walking tours when I arrive in a new city. I usually take a tour on the first or second day.

Taking a general, introductory tour helps with orientation in a new place. You get to know your way around a new city in just a couple of hours.

It puts everything in context. You learn a lot about the history of the city on a free walking tour, so next time you walk past some statue or church you already know some of the background stories.

This was especially significant in Berlin, a city I’ve been to many times, but I had to take at least three walking tours there to begin to understand its complexities.

I usually travel solo, so walking tours are a good way for me to meet people in a new city. In a group of 10-20 people, there will always be some people to chat with.

It’s not just tourists who take these tours, by the way. I often meet locals too and I always love talking to locals about their own cities.

Paying as much as you want is, of course, a huge advantage of free tours. It means you can take these tours regardless of your budget. It also means you can really show your appreciation for guides who do a great job.

Guides on free tours make a special effort to provide a super interesting and entertaining experience. Their tips depend on how engaged they keep you throughout the tour, but they also seem to be truly enthusiastic about their city.

On most free tours, the guide will be happy to answer all your questions and stay around at the end of the tour to give you more local tips.

You can ask them about anything you need to know when you arrive in a new city, from which restaurants and bard they recommend to questions about the best days trips or how the public transport works.

They normally have plenty of experience answering these questions from tourists.

Find more tips about free walking tours here

Booking private and group tours in Germany

In some cases, you may want to book a private tour or join a paid group tour instead of taking a free tour.

Sometimes free tours are not available in the city you’re visiting or on the exact dates of your visit.

For example in smaller destinations, free tours are sometimes offered only during weekends or only during the summer.

You may also be short on time and need a private tour that fits your schedule.

In these cases, you’ll find a larger selection of paid group tours or you can book a private tour with a more flexible schedule.

If you have a very specific interest that the general free tours don’t cover, a customised private tour would be a good solution and you’re likely to find options for paid private tours to match your interests.

You can find group and private tours in Germany here

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