Free coworking spaces in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has a large selection of paid coworking spaces, but it also has some free ones.

There are plenty of laptop friendly cafes in Tel Aviv, but for those looking for a quiet place to work, the cafes may not be ideal. 

Coworking spaces provide a quiet work environment conducive to productivity. 

Coworking spaces also hold the potential for mingling and networking with other professionals and like minded people, as they bring together freelancers, digital nomads, remote workers, students, entrepreneurs and others.

Tel Aviv is an expensive city. If you’re on a budget and need to make the cost of living in Tel Aviv more reasonable, make use of one of its free coworking spaces. Here are all the details you need to know about them.

Mazeh 9Mazeh9 is a coworking space for young entrepreneurs, students, social businesses and others. It’s located right in the city centre in a beautiful renovated building. It’s a subsidised municipality project, and therefore free.

When you enter, you’ll find people working in absolute silence on the ground floor. Being a central and popular coworking space, it’s often busy, so you may have to wait for a free spot.

When the place is crowded, sometimes the Internet is way too slow to enable anyone to work efficiently. On the plus side, it’s open late, so you can turn up when it’s less busy and get work done.

How to find it: This is a very central coworking space, just off Allenby street.

Address: 9 Mazeh Street, Tel Aviv – Map

Contact: +972-3-5257490

yefet 83

Like Mazeh 9, this is also a subsidised municipality project. It’s a pleasant space, designed for work and meetings, and is open till late.

There are more than enough power outlets in the walls, and you have desks and sofas to choose from.

The space is very quiet. When I visited there were only a few people working there. It may not be as well known as Mazeh 9 at the moment, which is an advantage if you find the other municipal space too crowded.

The Internet is fast and you’ll find the password on a sign on the wall by the entrance.  

Yefet 83 - a free coworking space
Yefet 83 – a free coworking space

How to find it: The location is in Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv, and is quite easy to find on a main street. When you find the address (Yefet 83, as the name suggests), go down the stairs and turn right, then find a dark door to your right.

Address: 83 Yefet Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffa  – Map

Contact:  +972-3-5084123

florentin community centre

This is a fairly new community centre, right at the edge of Tel Aviv’s cool neighbourhood, Florentin. It introduced a coworking space recently, and so far it is free.

You’ll find a spacious room with plenty of desks and fast internet. As it’s not so well known yet, it isn’t busy, which may be an advantage if you’re just looking for a quiet place to work, but not the best place to mingle.

How to find it: It’s located inside a building on the first floor and may be a bit tricky to find, and the opening hours vary, so best call first and ask.

Address: 74 Abarbanel Street, Tel Aviv (first floor) – Map

Contact: +972-3-7247930


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Free Coworking Spaces in Tel Aviv

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