How to Find Coworking Spaces Around the World

We are quite fortunate to live in a time that allows us to work from anywhere. A digital nomad lifestyle is more accessible than ever right now and coworking spaces make it even easier.

There are many types of coworking spaces. From free, communal spaces like laptop-friendly cafes, to paid spaces with office services and meeting rooms.

As a digital nomad, I like to do my research in advance and put the coworking spaces I find on a map before I travel. It saves me time so I can focus more on enjoying my life abroad.

You can also find a coworking space while you travel without too much planning. In big cities where there are many coworking spaces, it should be very easy to find a desk and fast wifi.

So how do you find them?

Coworking space app: a flexible solution for digital nomads

As a digital nomad who moves around quite a lot between cities and countries, I use an app that lets me find a coworking space in most bog cities around the world.

That means that with one subscription I get access to a coworking space near me, with no long-term contracts and commitments.

If this is your style of work and travel, check out Croissant. You’ll get a free week to try it out.

Where to find the best coworking spaces

Coworking directories make it simple for you to find a good coworking space, with all the facilities you need and with positive reviews by people working there.

They let you search for coworking spaces near you and often view them on a map, filter results by facilities,  read reviews and leave your own review after trying out the space.

Here are some of the directories listing the best coworking spaces around the world. 


A site and an app with a free directory that lets you search by type of space and destination. It gives you the most useful information first: how fast the WiFi is and how many power outlets there are.

The information is added by users, who share their impressions of the space. It’s a very useful feature. For example, users can tell you if a laptop-friendly cafe is busy at lunchtime but quiet in the afternoon.

Workfrom - Coworking space directory
Workfrom – Coworking space directory

If you find a good place to work that isn’t listed yet, you can add it to the list of coworking spaces in that particular city. It’s called “scouting” and it’s a quick process in which you do a WiFi speed test at the space you’re at and then add some more details and your impressions.


This site lists coworking spaces in 112 countries, both paid and unpaid. It has a simple interface and is very easy to use.

Worksnug - co-working spaces around the world
Worksnug – co-working spaces around the world

The spaces are added by site team members, who review the WiFi quality, noise levels, power outlets, community feel and even the coffee… You’ll get basic details about each space, a short review, a map and a link to its website.


A user-friendly directory of coworking spaces around the world, created by coworkers.

You can search by country, city or coworking space name. Then you can use a variety of filters to find exactly what you need, say a dog-friendly space or one that has free drinks.

There are some interesting features in the list of filters, from 3D printers to standing desks to beanbags. You can also search for co-living spaces, female-only coworking spaces and rural escapes.

coworker coworking space directory
coworker coworking space directory

You can message coworking spaces directly via their page. Some of them offer a free day pass and some let you book a tour.  You can do either very easily by clicking a button.

The spaces are rated and reviewed by site members. As a member you can post your review and rate the WiFi, comfort, amenities and community feel.

Share Your Office

This user-friendly directory lets you search for different types of work spaces – offices, open spaces or meeting rooms. You can filter results by location, budget, area, and number of people and  view your search results on a map.

Share Your Office coworking space directory
Share Your Office

Scroll down after the initial search and add more filters for amenities, such as the type of Internet connection, equipment (lockers, scanner, video projector and so on), and even the light source in the office (do you prefer natural or artificial?)

When you click on a specific listing, you’ll get a short description, photos, maps and a contact form, all very straightforward and easy to use.

Coworking Wiki

A huge, impressive project that has much more than a coworking directory. This Wiki site has articles about coworking, links to blogs and academic research on the subject and a lots more.

In the directory  you’ll see a list of continents, and then lists of countries and cities. Clicking on the name of a city will bring up a list of coworking spaces in that city. You can also get a world map view.

The Coworking Visa is for coworking space members, and lets you use another coworking space around the world for free for a number of days, typically three. There are more than 450 participating work spaces in many different countries.

All Work

Part of AllWork magazine, an online publication about global flexible workspace news, this directory of coworking spaces mostly in North America, but also in many other locations around the world.

Simply search by location and get a list of spaces, then click each for more details.

This site offer a big selection of space types: coworking, private offices virtual offices, conference rooms, accelerator spaces, maker spaces,events spaces and more.

Desks Near Me

This directory lets you find private desks, meeting rooms and shared office spaces in big cities around the world. You can filter by price (including free desks) and location type and you can view all the spaces on a map or in a list.

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How to Find Coworking Spaces Around the World


Thank you for the tips! That is so helpful for me as a traveling professional. I always struggle to find a quiet place to work at, it’s good to have access to a complete list of such places, including local office spaces.

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