Affordable courses for digital nomads

To be a digital nomad and work from anywhere, you want to invest in your education and develop the skills that will land you a remote work position.

The easiest way to do it these days is with online courses.

If you cannot afford expensive courses, there are many affordable ways to acquire skills for your digital nomad lifestyle

This guide is for both aspiring and experienced digital nomads.

If you’re just starting out in designing your digital nomad lifestyles, use the links below to get some ideas and inspiration for the types of skills that will enable you to work from anywhere.

For the more experienced digital nomads, the sites listed here are some of the best and most affordable places online for improving upon existing skills or to gain better knowledge in your field.

Here’s my guide on top places to find free and affordable online courses.

1. skillshare courses for digital nomads: get a free trial

Skillshare affordable online courses

This online course company has been around for over 10 years now and it’s one of the most reputable sites in the field of online learning, with thousands  of courses to choose from.

With Skillshare you don’t buy each course on its own, but rather you buy a monthly subscription that gives you access to every course on the platform.

Think of it like a Spotify subscription, as opposed to buying single tracks.

The way to start out with Skillshare is by making the most out of its free trial that gives you full access to all the courses.

I think that’s the best option when you’re starting out on a limited budget.

here are some examples of courses you can take on skillshare:

here’s why i recommend you start with this free trial:

  • It’s risk-free.
  • The courses are short and very focused, so you can complete quite a few courses during the trial.
  • If you’re not entirely sure what you want to do yet, this free trial is the best way to get a taste of what you can learn, try different courses, seek some inspiration and see what feels right for you.
  • Many of the courses are perfect for developing the kind of skills that digital nomads need.

2. fiverr learn courses for digital nomads: professional skills

Fiverr Learn courses

You may know Fiverr as a marketplace where freelancers offer their services.

Many digital nomads use Fiverr to make money and also to outsource their own business tasks.

It started out as a platform offering every kind of service for $5, but that was a long time ago.

These days you can charge higher prices as a freelancer on Fiverr and make a full time living, after you gain some experience and positive reviews.

The vast majority of the services on Fiverr are suitable for a digital nomad lifestyle.

Browsing through Fiverr you’ll get a very good idea of the kind of skills that are in demand and the rates you can charge. That will help you make a more informed decision on the skills you want to acquire.

Fiverr developed a series of courses called Fiverr Learn, which offer training in the kind of services you can sell through Fiverr.

They’re all priced very fairly, but on top of that, are two ways to save even more money:

  • If you get a course bundle, i.e. several courses in a similar field, you’ll save quite a bit of money compared to buying individual courses.
  • There are occasional discounts on Fiverr Learn, so always look for the coupon code at the top of the screen.

Here are some examples of course bundles you can take on fiverr learn:

Acquire basic skills in any of the above and start offering your services. That is a good starting point for an aspiring digital nomad.

After you get enough positive reviews, you can start raising your rates gradually and offer bundles of services at different prices.

If you want to learn how to sell on Fiverr, they offer a free course here on how to start out and how to grow your business.

3. udemy courses for digital nomads: learn anything

Udemy courses for digital nomads

Training through Udemy is one of the most affordable ways to learn new skills.

I’ve used Udemy quite a lot in the past few years. I find the interface user- friendly, convenine and distraction-free.

The quality of the top reviewed courses is fantastic. You can really get excellent education for a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere.

Here’s the trick you need to know about Udemy: The course prices on Udemy can change almost daily. You may find a course for, say, $100 one day and $15 the next day. They always have some kind of sale or promotion going on.

Here are some examples of highly rated professional courses you can take on udemy to learn skills relevant to digital nomads:

A note about learning from YouTube

With any subject you want to learn, free YouTube videos can be a good place to start.

The only downside is that you might find yourself wasting a lot of time on finding up to date information and deciding what’s actually important to watch and what you need to watch next…

YouTube can be quite overwhelming in a way that causes procrastination.

For productive learning, the material should be well curated and organised in a way that encourages you to complete the course. 

By all means get an initial introduction from free YouTube videos, but then decide what you want to learn and find an online course.

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