Vegan travel tips for Zagreb, Croatia

If you’re vegan and visiting Zagreb, Croatia, you may need a bit of planning in order to find vegan food. Here are my vegan travel tips for a short visit to Zagreb.

Zagreb isn’t the most vegan friendly city, but it has some nice vegan restaurants that are worth a visit.

I used Happy Cow to find these and you can find some more vegan places there.

Vegehop – great vegan food

Vegehop is a lovely place not far from the central square. It’s not big, and can get full quite quickly at lunchtime, but when you a find a restaurant that’s popular among the locals, it’s always a good sign.

Vege Hop Zagreb Vegan restaurant
Vege Hop

The menu is almost entirely vegan with a wide selection. There are a few vegetarian dishes marked clearly in the menu. There’s a menu in English too.

I tried their moussakah and on another occasion their tofu burger and both were delicious. They also have excellent fruit juice and smoothies.

Prices are inexpensive, service is friendly and fast. It’s a great place to eat when you visit Zagreb.

Vegehop website

Zrno bio bistro – organic, local and 100% vegan

This is a charming organic restaurant not far from the city centre.

There’s a large choice of original dishes on the menu, all are vegan and mostly organic.

Zrno Bio Bistro
Zrno Bio Bistro

Besides vegan and organic, it’s also local – fresh ingredients come from a nearby farm each morning. I tried the breaded tofu which I can recommend.

Zrno Bio Bistro
Zrno Bio Bistro

The place is beautifully designed. Prices are very slightly higher than at other vegan or vegetarian places in Zagreb. Still you’ll find them inexpensive, especially for a fully organic meal.

Zrno Bio Bistro website

Green point – vegan fast food

If you’re looking for inexpensive vegan fast food close to the city centre, Green Point is the place.

Service is quick and they have what you’d expect from a fast food restaurant, like tofu and seitan burgers, falafel, tortillas etc.

Green Point vegan restaurant Zagreb
Green Point

Most of the menu is vegan, but they also have some vegetarian food, so better ask.

Green Point on Facebook

Vege fino – vegan take away

A cute little place offering vegan fast food. There’s an English menu, though the owner (who was lovely) could speak very little English.

With my almost non-existent Croatian, we still managed to communicate.

The menu is mostly vegan, partly vegetarian, with different types of burgers,  vegan hot dogs, pasta and desserts. Prices are inexpensive.

Vege Fino vegan restaurant Zagreb
Vege Fino

It’s a take- away restaurant, a place to buy your lunch and go eat it in the park.

They also sell vegan products, such as vegan sausages and spreads in the little fridge by the counter.

Even though it’s a little bit outside the city centre, it’s worth a visit.

Vege Fino on Facebook

dolac market

If you like to shop like a local, visit this market. Zagreb’s famous open air market in the Upper Town is where you can buy your fruit and vegetables.

The produce is locally grown and everything is fresh.

The prices are very friendly too, and seems like whatever amount you buy, you’ll often get a little extra.

English isn’t always spoken here, but you can manage with some tourist body language.

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