Vegan Tallinn guide

Tallinn is a sweet little city with some excellent vegan food. Here’s where to find it.

For its size, Tallinn has a surprising number of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants.

It’s a small city that you are likely to visit just for a few days, and in that time you’ll have a nice selection of places to have a good vegan meal.

Vegan inspirasioon

UPDATE: The restaurant is now closed

This is a 100% vegan restaurant and it’s right in the centre. When you walk around the old town and need a break, this would be my first choice.

It has a really lovely interior, very spacious and inviting. They have an English menu and English speaking staff. I tried their beetroot burger and it came with a lot of toppings and many surprising flavours.

Vegan restauran v

A very popular vegan restaurant in the old town. It’s so popular that it’s best if you make a reservation ahead of time.

The first time I went there it was fully booked for that day and the next.

As I didn’t feel like doing too much planning, a few days later I walked in and they happened to have a free table.

It was just a matter of luck. It was way past lunchtime and the place was full, apart from that one table… So do make a reservation if you want to eat there.

Restauran V Tallinn
Restauran V

I had the seitan taco, which was excellent, with guacamole, vegan cheese and red beans.  I also tried a very refreshing Estonian-made apple rhubarb drink.

There were quite a few other things on the menu I’d have loved to try, like the kale lentil pie and the zucchini noodles and red quinoa salad.

They have some interesting vegan desserts too. I didn’t have any of those as the taco was big and filling. They’ll have to wait for next time…

Vegan Restoran V on Facebook

Karu talu šokolaad – vegan chocolate and vegan ice cream

Do not miss this place! It’s hiding in a tiny street in the old town just next to the central square. Look for this sign:

Karu talu šokolaad - Vegan chocolate in Tallinn
Karu talu šokolaad – Vegan chocolate in Tallinn

Sometimes the door is shut so it seems to be closed. But you want to open that door.

This little chocolate shop was one of the best and most surprising vegan experiences on my trip.

It’s a family business, everything is hand made and everything is vegan. It’s a tiny place that’s always full, and it’s easy to see why.

vegan chocolate
Vegan chocolate!

There are so many flavours to choose from you may find yourself spending a lot of time staring at those big chunks of chocolate.

You can ask to taste some to help you decide. The staff is extra friendly. All chocolates are priced very fairly at €2.

Next door there’s an extraordinarily cute vegan ice cream place which is part of the same shop. They have wonderful, soft, soy-based ice cream.

When I went they had three flavours – vanilla chocolate and peanut butter – all excellent.

Vegan ice cream in Tallinn
Vegan ice cream

Veg machine – great vegan fast food

A vegan fast food stall inside the food market Balti Jaama Turg, near the train station.

The menu is in Estonian, but I got a full translation, as it was very short and the guy behind the counter was very friendly.

Veg Machine Tallinn
Veg Machine

I went for the sweet potato burger which isn’t actually a burger, more like a sandwich.

It was really delicious with great seasoning. If you’re in the market and want a quick and inexpensive bite, that’s the place to go.

Veg Machine on Faceobok

Toormoor – vegan raw food

This little place is also in the Balti Jaama Turg food market. It’s located quite close to the main entrance of the market, so it’s hard to miss.

Toormoor raw vegan food in Tallinn

The menu is almost entirely raw, and everything is vegan. They also use no sugar, but dates and maple syrup, and are gluten free friendly too.

I tried a raw vanilla dessert with fruit and avocado. It had a wonderful texture and many surprising flavours while not being too sweet.

Toormoor raw vegan food in Tallinn
Raw dessert at Toormoor

There’s no English menu unfortunately, but you can see many of the food items in the elegant display.

They serve soup, vegetable wraps with home made raw bread, vegan cakes and more original raw dishes.

Vegan Stuudio Toormoor on Facebook

Marta khovik

A beautiful, dreamy house with a lovely vegan kitchen. You will have to venture outside the city centre to find it, but Tallinn is small and it will only take you about 10 minutes by tram.

Marta Khovik
Marta Khovik

The lady running the place was friendly and chatty. The menu includes soups, wraps, stews, cakes, smoothies and pancakes (on Sunday).

I tried the vegetable wrap which was delicious and filling. The place is very peaceful, decorated with care, and also has a garden so you can have your meal outside if it’s sunny.

Marta kohvik on Facebook

Vigri kohvik – vegan buffet by the water

I like to find vegan restaurants in unexpected places. If you visit Pirita, the seaside suburb of Tallinn, you won’t go hungry.

Right by the marine overlooking the boats there’s a fully vegan place with a super relaxed vibe.

It’s a spacious restaurant with a hot and cold food buffet, pastries and cakes. The buffet had rice, curry, couscous, buckwheat, salads and more.

Everything is written in Estonian above the buffet, so just ask someone there to translate for you.

Vigri vegan buffet
Vigri – the plant based buffet

I had a bit of everything in the buffet and the food was delicious and reasonably priced. It’s a really chilled place to have a good vegan lunch.

Vigri kohvik on Facebook

Bliss – vegetarian buffet with vegan options

Bliss Vegetarian Restaurant Tallinn

A massive space within a big grey building that doesn’t seem at all like it might contain such lovely restaurant.

But once you walk in the door, it’s a different visual story.

The space is colourful, elegant and very inviting, with sofas and bookshelves that give it a lovely vibe.

They offer a vegetarian buffet. All the vegan items are labelled clearly and there are plenty of those. The huge selection can be overwhelming at first.

There are cold salads, hot dishes and desserts. The food is mostly Indian style with some others Asian influences. Ingredients are displayed clearly on each dish, also in English.


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