Vegan Kaunas: the best vegan friendly restaurants

Vegan Kaunas guide – Vegan and vegetarian restaurants, cafes, health stores, plant-based traditional Lithuanian food and international cuisine.


Kaunas, Lithuania, has a good selection of vegan and vegetarian places to eat.

On my recent trip to Lithuania, I was happy to find that both its capital city, Vilnius, and its second largest city, Kaunas, are vegan-friendly.

From speaking to locals I learnt that awareness of veganism has grown rapidly in Lithuania in the past few years.

In Kaunas you can try vegan versions of some traditional Lithuanian dishes, as well as vegan pizza, vegan burgers, falafel etc.

I was happy to find that Kaunas also has a good choice of vegan products in its big supermarkets. More about that later in this post.

Most vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Kaunas are close to each other in the city centre. The city itself is perfectly walkable and very easy to get around.

Eating out in Kaunas is generally quite inexpensive, so you can have a good meal at an affordable price.

I’ve been to most of the vegan places and some of the vegetarian places in Kaunas.

If you’re visiting Vilnius as well, check out my guide to vegan food in Vilnius.

Mokslo kavinė – kaunas vegan cafe and health store

A sweet little vegan café in the city centre offering home made food.

The menu is on the board in Lithuanian, but the friendly staff will translate it for you.

The decor is really charming with vintage furniture and sweet touches.

I went there for lunch and had a nice gazpacho and a falafel tortilla with excellent carrot sauce. The food was fresh and delicious.

They also make vegan stews and a vegan version of the traditional Lithuanian beetroot soup.

Mokslo Kavinė - Kaunas health store
Mokslo Kavinė health store

The cafe also has a small health store selling cosmetics, herbal tea and various vegan delicacies and snacks.

Nut butters made by the owner are also sold there, with some interesting combinations, like almond butter with maple syrup and chia seeds or peanut butter with garlic (!)

Mokslo Kavinė on Facebook

Arbatine – traditional lithuanian food made vegan

With the word Vegan displayed in big letters on the window, this restaurant serves 100% vegan versions of traditional Lithuanian food, like cepelinai (stuffed potato dumplings), beet soup and potatoe pancakes.

The menu is quite varied and alongside the Lithuanian dishes it has some vegan burgers, falafel and lasagne and various soups and salads.

I had the cold beet soup as a starter and it was lovely and refreshing. If you happen to visit on a warm day, this is the perfect soup to order.

Arbatine - vegan restaurant in Kaunas

For a main I had another local dish, potato pancakes.

They were fried but not too oily and came with mushroom sauce on a plate decorated with flowers.

Arbatine is in a great location in the city centre on the main street of Kaunas, Freedom Avenue.

Arbatine on Facebook

Ridikas – vegan cafe in kaunas

A charming little vegan place right outside the Kaunas train station, great for a light meal.

I liked the vintage style décor and chilled atmosphere.

The menu on the board is in Lithuanian, but you can ask for a translation.

The menu when I visited included a vegan burger, a tofu sandwich and falafel wraps with different flavours like beetroot, sweet potato and deal.

Ridikas - Vegan Restaurant in Kaunas

I had the sweet potato falafel wrap which was delicious, with the right amount of spices and salad.

There are vegan cakes by the counter that looked good but I didn’t get to try them.

Ridikas on Facebook

Radharane – indian and lithuanian cuisine

This is a Hare Krishna restaurant with several locations in Kaunas and Vilnius.

The one I went to in Kaunas is in the city centre, right on the main street (Freedom Avenue).

Radharane - vegan food in Kaunas

It’s a vegetarian restaurant, so the menu includes some dairy. There are several vegan options all marked with a green V on the menu.

I had a vaganised local delicacy – tasty and crispy mashed potato dumplings stuffed with soy filling. I also recommend the ginger-mango-cranberry non-alcoholic cocktail.

Radharane on Happy Cow

Mamma pizza – vegan pizza in kaunas

Conveniently located about a minute from the central bus station and close to the train station in Kaunas, it’s a great place to eat before or after you take a train or bus.

This is not a vegan or vegetarian place, but they have excellent vegan pizza (like every good pizza place should!)

Mamma Pizza - vegan pizza in Kaunas
Vegan pizza 🙂

The menu lists four types of vegan pizzas that come in three sizes, using Violife vegan cheese and with a good range of delicious toppings.

Service is friendly and fast and the menu is available in English.

Mamma Pizza on Facebook

Žalia pupa – health store and smoothies

A little health food store that serves great green smoothies.

It’s in the city centre, in a nice pedestrian street off Freedom Avenue.

There’s a smoothie menu in English on the counter.

The service is very friendly and there are a couple of seats inside so you can rest your feet while you’re having your smoothie.

Žalia Pupa on Facebook

Vegan supermarket finds in kaunas

I was happy to find quite a lot of vegan treats at supermarkets in Kaunas.

You can get plant based milk easily with a good range of types, brands and flavours.

Rimi supermarket at the central bus station has a large selection, including cashew milk, one of my favourites.

Vegan Supermarket Finds in Kaunas - Plant Based Milk

At IKI supermarket close to Kaunas Castle (Jonavos g. 3) I found buckwheat milk (never tried that before…), alongside the more common soy, almond, oat, coconut etc.

You’ll also find a good selection of vegan milk at Maxima XX, a large supermarket inside Akropolis shopping centre.

Violife vegan cheese was also easy to find in those big supermarkets.

The same goes for soy, rice and coconut yogurts and desserts by Valsoia, Alpro, The Bridge and other brands.

Vegan desserts

I found some nice vegan spreads too:

Vegan spreads in Kaunas

These organic vegetable spreads are labelled vegan and I found them at IKI near the castle.

Vegan spreads

These sun dried tomato spreads are from Šilas supermarket in the Old Town (Šv. Gertrūdos g. 37).

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Got more recommendations for vegan eats in Kaunas? Share them in the comments.

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