The Most Useful Hotel Travel Accessories

Hotel travel accessories save you effort and luggage space to make your holiday more convenient. Use these clever travel gadgets for a great hotel stay 🙂


When you go on holiday, hotel travel accessories can make your stay away from home much more comfortable.

If you travel frequently and stay at hotels, you probably know that no matter how good the hotel is, it usually won’t cater for everyone’s needs.

That’s where some clever and uniquely designed travel accessories are super useful.

There are plenty of travel gadgets and accessories around, but in this post I’m going to look at the ones that are especially useful at hotels.

I’ve reviewed some of the best and most useful hotel travel accessories and the highlights are below.

Pick and choose the ones that you need for a better hotel experience.

As you’ll see below, these accessories are very affordable and well worth the investment for your comfort and peace of mind on your vacation.

I’ve also focused on travel gadgets and accessories that are compact and portable.

They’ll be great if you want to travel light and save space in your carry on luggage.

I’ve also written another guide about the best travel gadgets for backpacking trips.

Here’s my selection of the best hotel travel accessories:

Foldable toiletry bag organiser – an essential hotel travel accessory

hanging toiletry bag

A foldable toiletry bag with internal pockets and dividers lets you organise all your toiletries and access them easily when you get to your hotel room.

It’s an accessory I’ve been using for years, because it’s so convenient.

Unfold your toiletry bag and hang it on the towel rack or bathroom door in your hotel room. It gives you easy access to all of your toiletries.

Sea to Summit make a durable hanging toiletry bag with internal zipped pockets that’s a super practical accessory to add to your carry on.

Compact and lightweight, this is a perfect toiletry bag if you want to travel light and stay organised.

These bags are made to carry the weight and last for years.

You can also get a packing system that already includes a hanging toiletry bag. It’s more convenient and might save you some money. I use The Journey that comes with its own toiletry bag.

Power cube with usb chargers – charge all your devices in your hotel room

The next accessory is especially handy when you don’t know how many outlets you’ll find in your room.

If you’re anything like me, you have quite a few devices to charge when you travel.

A multi-charger is a compact solution that can charge several devices at the same time.

Ideally, you want to save space in your carry-on when you travel and a cube charging station takes up less space than a long power strip.

It’s also more convenient when it has USB charging ports alongside AC outlets.

The BESTEK Compact Power Strip Travel Cube does all the above and can charge up to 7 devices.

This makes it an essential gadget for digital nomads and business travellers.

It’s portable, lightweight and suitable for use anywhere in the world.

Door stop security alarm – a travel gadget for a safer hotel stay

If you don’t feel entirely safe in your hotel room, knowing the door can be unlocked by staff or someone else, there’s a gadget that will give you some peace of mind.

The SE Door Stop Alarm is a small, battery-powered gadget that you can slip underneath your hotel room door.

If anyone tries to open the door, it will trigger the alarm.

The loud sound will most likely scare the intruder off.

The wedge will make it harder to open the door and that will give you time to decide what to do next.

It’s a small and inexpensive tool that you can easily put in your carry-on and perhaps also use back home after your trip.

Packable hanging travel shelves – convenient and compact hotel travel accessories

Hanging Travel Shelve

This hotel travel accessory helps you stay organised and makes packing and unpacking so much simpler.

Pack your clothes neatly in the shelves. When you arrive at your hotel room, open your suitcase, pull out the shelves, expand them and hang them in the hotel room closet.

That’s it – you now have access to all the clothes you packed in a matter of seconds. Basically, you don’t need to unpack.

It’s a clever luggage accessory that saves time and hassle.

When you’re about to leave, pack everything in the same way. If you have dirty laundry there’s a compartment for that, as well as for an extra pair of shoes.

A travel multi tool with many surprising uses

Can you guess what this is? 😉

Steam Clip - Hotel accessories

This small travel gadget has a surprising range of uses.

The Steam Clip is a super helpful multi tool for travel that was successfully crowd funded on Indiegogo.

It’s a lightweight, innovative, inexpensive travel gadget that any traveller can find useful.

It’s original use is really simple and clever:

When you travel light, you don’t want to carry an iron with you. Also, you probably don’t want to spend your vacation time ironing… But you do want your clothes to look good.

What do you do when you unpack your suitcase and your shirts are full of wrinkles?

Use the Steam Clip to hang them in the hotel shower, take a shower as you normally would, and let the steam get rid of those wrinkles.

The steam clip in the shower
The steam clip in the shower

This inexpensive little gadget will take up minimal space in your luggage and it works in all types of showers and hangers.

I mentioned it was a multi tool, because the Steam Clip also does a few other things. You can use it as a:

Smartphone stand – Great for watching movies on your phone during flights or in your hotel room.

Thread / tag cutter – This is especially useful when you travel and can’t carry scissors with you in your carry on.

Hanger to keep purse or jacket off the dirty floor in public toilets, restaurants and the like.

Bottle opener – Can always come in handy.

Watch this video to see all the ways you can use the Steam Clip (it also comes with a leaflet with detailed instructions):

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The Best Travel Accessories for Hotel Rooms

I was sent a sample of the Steam Clip and The Journey for review. All opinions are my own.



Nice post and very useful!
I remember that Henderson (Henderson the Rain King, Saul Bellow) would go on his travels around the world with a toothbrush and a credit card that he kept under his hat!
He would not be able to manage – in these days – without a small multi-charging…
Thank you for your bright tips.

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