Travel Photography: Tirana, Albania


Tirana, capital of Albania, is easily one of the brightest cities I’ve ever been to. 

Mayor Edi Rama, a painter himself, launched a campaign to repaint Tirana’s old buildings and give the city a new look.

The makeover was a big success. Facades across the city were painted in bright colours and walking around the city is a real treat. I spent hours each day exploring and taking photos of the colourful buildings.

Tirana, Albania
Collage of colourful buildings in Tirana

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Tirana, Albania by TalBright

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Urban Geometry - Tirana, Albania by TalBright

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More than just painting

In his TED talk Take back your city with paint, Edi Rama explains that the painting campaign was not just artistic, but also political: “The rehabilitation of public spaces revived the feeling of belonging to a city that people lost.” 

He talks about other changes that occurred following the repainting and revival of the old facades: people started to drop less litter in the street and to pay their taxes. People started to feel that the streets were safe.

Watch the entire TED talk: Take back your city with paint


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