Stunning drone photos from around the world

See the world from above: Beaches, cities, islands and rivers as seen from the sky. The most beautiful aerial drone photos taken by travel bloggers.


Drone photos… Can’t help but fall in love with them!

There’s something magical about drone photography that makes it irresistible.

Those flying cameras make the world look completely different and produce the most inspiring pictures.

I asked some brilliant travel bloggers who are also travel photographers to share one of their favourite drone photos from their trips around the world.

They sent in some astonishing and creative captures, that will make you wish you were there.

If you love seeing staggering images of the world from above, you’re going to enjoy this post ?

Tegalalang rice terrace in bali from a new perspective

Tegalalang rice terrace in Bali

“One of the times we were most thankful for having a drone on our travels was during our visit to the Tegalalang rice terrace in Bali .

Although it’s an incredibly beautiful spot anyway, having a drone gave us a completely different perspective and meant we were able to appreciate the rice terraces as a whole.

There are many restaurants alongside the terraces offering pleasant views, but in comparison the view from the drone absolutely blows them away.

As a result, the pictures we got while at the rice terraces are some of the best we’ve ever taken!”

By Sam and Natalia of Something of Freedom – visit them on Instagram

Aman sveti stefan, montenegro seen from above

Aman Sveti Stefan from the sky

“Staying at Aman Sveti Stefan has long been on my bucket list. It is more like a village than a resort and is located on one of the most scenic locations, on an islet in Montenegro.

It is by far the country’s most famous landmark managed by one of my favorite hotel brands.

The crystal clear turquoise waters along with the pinkish pebble sand make for a gorgeous shot.

When I look at this drone photo of Aman Sveti Stefan it takes me right back to the lap of luxury on the private beaches surrounded by lush greenery and the odd speedboat whizzing by, transporting the rich and glamorous.”

By Mar Pages of Once In A Lifetime Journey – Visit her on Instagram

Île aux nattes, madagascar drone photo

Ille Aux Nattes Island

“Île aux Nattes, an island just off the coast of Madagascar, is one of the unknown gems of Madagascar and Africa.

It’s a tiny island with no cars, where the only way to get around is on foot.

The drone photo (taken with Dji Mavic) is of the beach on the western side of the island.

Since there are no cars on the island, so everything has to be brought in with the small canoes, like the one you can see in the photo.

You can relax at the beach watching the small canoes paddling back and forth all day.

You can even swim out to one of the small canoes to buy fresh fruit and cold beer if you want.”

By Christian Lindgren of Unusual Traveler  | Instagram

Cacela velha, portugal – the disappearing beach

Cacela Velha Portugal Algarve

“The Algarve region, in the South of Portugal, is one of the most famous regions in the country.

However, there are still some gems that remain (almost) untouched, and the small village of Cacela Velha is one of them.

We took this photo on the first days of Fall, when the weather was still perfect, and it portrays one of the most unique aspects about this area: a disappearing beach.

When the tide is low, the Cacela Velha beach is one of the most amazing you can visit, with its sandy beaches, warm ocean, and plenty of space to truly relax.

But when the tide starts to rise you have to escape back to the small village, as the beach literally disappears in the front of our eyes.

It was amazing to see it from above through the lenses of our drone!”

By Maria & Rui of Two Find a Way  | Instagram 

Lake bled, slovenia at sunrise

Lake Bled sunrise drone photo

“Sat in the north west of Slovenia is the beautiful Lake Bled, a very popular tourist destination for European explorers.

During the day, the area surrounding the lake comes to life; everyone bustles around sun loungers, jumping in and out of the lake, and taking on the challenge of paddle boarding.

However, wake up before sunrise and you will have this stunning sunrise experience all to yourself.

The church in the middle of the lake is accessible by a small boat or you can swim out for free. You do, however, have to ensure you are wearing clothes and not swimwear if you want to enter the church.

This destination is one that shouldn’t be missed on your next trip to Europe!”

By Gemma and Campbell of highlands2hammocks  | Instagram 

Nashville, tennessee, usa – breathtaking drone photography

Nashville, Tennessee, USA fall foliage

“I visited Nashville, Tennessee, USA in the fall and was excited to see colorful fall foliage.

I drove toward a mountain and stopped at a gravel factory to ask directions up the mountain for a drone flight.

Unfortunately, the beautiful mountain is owned by the factory and public access is restricted.

The nice guy directed me toward the hilly countryside and there I spotted an open field with a nearby forest.

I pulled up the long driveway to the little country house. A bunch of dogs noisily announced my arrival, so the owners came out and allowed me to launch.”

By Jess of Longest Bus Rides  | Instagram

Ella, sri lanka – the nine arch bridge drone shot

Ella, Sri Lanka

“On our 4 week backpacking journey around Sri Lanka, we managed to take drone shots in some truly incredible places.

But by far my favourite shot was this one taken in Ella. The Nine Arch Bridge is one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic shots and I’m really happy with how we managed to capture it.

But it wasn’t an easy job! To get this shot we had to arrive at sunrise in order to avoid any crowds.

Not long after we captured this a mist descended over the bridge, which would have ruined any shot. So it seems we got pretty lucky!”

By Bradley and Cazzy of Dream Big, Travel Far – Visit them on Instagram

Bronte beach in sydney, australia – a gorgeous aerial view

Bronte Beach in Sydney, Australia

“Nestled between the Sydney’s famous Bondi and Coogee beaches, Bronte is a hidden gem of a pristine sandy heaven and pure ocean waves.

Once you step on its sacred grounds, the paradise welcomes you with the friendly atmosphere and picture-perfect views.

Whether it’s swimming, snorkeling or simply sunbaking you are looking to experience, Bronte is the whole package without the overwhelming busyness of its sister beaches.

In addition, the sea baths pool is a great place to relax, and a multitude of quaint cafes and fresh juice bars make the place a perfect location for a family holiday.”

By Alex Palombo of Laska Baby Travel | Instagram 

Sibiu county, romania spectacular drone picture

Sibiu County, Romania Drone Picture

“This picture was taken in Sibiu County, Romania. Roman, my husband, is responsible for the drone shots for our blog.

We found this gorgeous place and Roman flew the drone there, but it was almost sunset and when we got back to the apartment we discovered that the pictures didn’t look good,  because of the problematic light.

Our decision was to wake up early the day after and before driving to the next destination we went again to the same place to fly the drone.

We did end up getting up earlier and going there, and the result is in front of you. I think it was worth it, what do you think?”

By Nofar Ronen of Traveling Outside the Box | Instagram

County cork, ireland – beautiful drone photography

Drone photo of Lough Hyne, County Cork, Ireland

“Flying high above the wonderful Lough Hyne in County Cork. This beautiful lake is a perfect place to relax, unwind and of course have a swim!

There is a little secret about this place too, that will intrigue almost everyone! When the conditions are just right and the night is dark enough, the magic display of bioluminescence appears.

Of course, you have to get in and swim in the dead of night so leave your night-swimming fear in the car and bring a wetsuit, its cold!

We love this shot because it captures one of our favourite spots in the world and it’s also a view rarely seen of this hidden gem.”

By Orla & Neil of  All The Ways You Wander  | Instagram  

Murray river, australia – nature from above

Murray River, Australia - Drone image

“We have been travelling to the Murray River for years with our families in the summer time.

Out in the bush, camping on the banks of the river with no phone reception and no electronics to distract you, it’s the perfect place to disconnect, unwind and reconnect with your family and yourself.

Seeing the mighty Murray River from the sky though gives you a whole new perspective.

The way the river winds through the country, and the vast country land that spreads for miles on either side.

It’s a wonderful perspective on how remote and diverse Australia can truly be.”

By Emma and Thom of Explore Shaw  – Visit them on Instagram

Maiden’s cove tidal pool, cape town – incredible aerial photography

Maiden’s Cove Tidal Pool, Cape Town

“The beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa is one of our favourite places in the world and the Cape Town suburb of Camps Bay is an amazing spot to capture drone footage.

After our first trip to Cape Town, I knew I had to return with my drone to get photos of the unique tidal pools at Maiden Cove from the sky.

The sunrise drone shots that we captured at Maiden Cove are some of our favourites ever – the conditions were perfect and we were the only people there to witness an epic African sunrise, which made it extra special.

The tidal pools are part man-made, part natural salt water pools that are perfect for swimming in or just chilling out beside and are quite popular for sun-downers in Cape Town.”

Elaine & David of Show Them The Globe 

San blas islands seen from the sky

San Blas Islands drone pgoto

“This photo is one of the San Blas islands, an archipelago between Panama and Colombia.

Visiting the islands with San Blas Adventures was among the best tours I did while in Latin America.

We spent four days sailing, swimming, and sleeping on stunning islands like this one pictured.

The islands are truly a secluded paradise, when we arrived it was only our crew and the supplies we brought.

Most of the islands have great snorkeling around them where you can see colourful coral reefs, tropical fish and manta rays.

The San Blas islands are my favourite drone shots from this past year of travel!”

By Lora Pope of Explore with Lora | Instagram

Puerto vallarta, mexico – a bird’s eye view

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Drone

“There are countless things to do in Puerto Vallarta. This beautiful city on Mexico’s Pacific coast packs a big punch.

It’s a travel destination that doesn’t feel like one. It retains a very charming, traditional village vibe and there’s something for everyone here.

Lounge away on the beach or if that’s not your thing, go for a hike along to the coast.

Indulge your taste buds in delicious fare from all over the world and amazing craft beer and cocktails. Stroll along the Malecon admiring all the art on display from local artists.

But visit with caution or it will steal your heart as it has many others.”

By Rachel Story of Grateful Gypsies – Visit her on Instagram

Ulleungdo, south korea drone picture

Ulleungdo, South Korea from above

We live on a tiny island off the East Coast of South Korea, Ulleungdo.

It is only accessible by a 3 hour ferry so getting there is pretty tough and it is a great destination for any off the beaten path traveler.

Over a short holiday 2 of our friends from the mainland came to visit us and we had some fun with our drone while traveling around the island.

This is one of my favorite photos from that holiday of us all together.

By Chris and Monique from MC Adventure Blog | Instagram

By Chris and Monique from MC Adventure BlogInstagram

Tulip fields in the netherlands at sunrise

Drone photography - Tulip Fields in The Netherlands

“This photo was taken in the province of Noord-Holland, The Netherlands.

I love this photo is because it was an early and very foggy morning. I didn’t expect much of it, to be honest.

But as the sun was gently rising I suddenly saw that the fog gradually faded and I couldn’t believe the beautiful colour scheme I was witnessing.

The area where I shot this photo is the region of The Netherlands that has the most tulip fields of the country. Combine that with fog and a sunrise, and it’s heaven.”

By Manon van Schagen of Visiting The Dutch Countryside | Instagram 

La recoleta cemetery, buenos aires – urban drone photography

La Recoleta Cemetery Meets Buenos Aires Skyline - Drone photo

“I captured this photo in Buenos Aires when shooting a video about La Recoleta Cemetery.

It’s an incredible view, that’s for sure, but the reason I love this photo in particular is because we witness old meeting new in Buenos Aires from a perspective not offered every day.

La Recoleta is a cemetery that was built in the 1700s around a church and then converted into the first public cemetery in Buenos Aires a century later.

In the years that followed, Buenos Aires sprawled upward and outward in every direction, while La Recoleta remained a central and undisturbed relic of the city’s past.”

By Paul of Travel is Life  | Instagram

Diamond beach, iceland – a marvelous view from the sky

Diamond Beach, Iceland

“One of my favorite drone pictures is a photo from Iceland on Diamond Beach.

I knew I wanted to take a black sand beach picture before but was not sure how to best capture it.

The black sand with the waves of water on the shores felt like it made for a great photo from above.

I was going to take a picture of the black beach near Vik, but we got to the beach when the sun had long set, so we decided to give Diamond Beach a try the next day.

When we got to the beach, it was even more magical then I thought it would be. The beach was filled with pieces of glacial ice of all shapes and sizes. Some pieces were even bigger than me!

To capture the shot, my husband and I walked away from the crowds and started up the drone. From above, the large pieces of ice looked like small diamonds and crystals.

To help give the audience an idea how big the chunks of ice were, we made sure to capture the crashing waves to provide reference and perspective for just how large these “diamonds” really are.”

By Michelle Stelly of The Wandering Queen | Instagram

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Drone photography from around the world by travel bloggers


WOW! These drone shots are amazing!! makes me want to go out and get a drone asap! I literally kept saying each one was my fave, but I’m always partial to the beach photos!

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