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Riga has some very cool design shops featuring local designers and artists. Here’s my mini guide for design lovers in Riga.

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Riija is a large concept store with a beautiful display that is quite striking as you enter.

The selection is huge: ceramics and kitchenware, furniture, all sorts of interior design items, fashion, bags, jewellery and other accessories, toys, and even organic skincare and some books.

Riga Design Guide

They feature mainly hand made items by Latvian designers and few from neighbouring Estonia and Lithuania.

Riga Design Guide

The store has its own brand products in the shop, focusing on linen items, like towels, bags and dresses. They generally aim to use natural materials, like felt and clay.

This is a beautiful place to find useful items for the home, and thanks to the large selection you’re very likely to find great gifts there.



Bold is an impressive design concept store. It’s a large space spreading over two floors, with a cozy café inside the store.

It’s relatively new, just a few months old. It started out featuring  Baltic designers and then expanded to other nearby countries, like Ukraine and especially Georgia.

The featured designers are not always the most familiar ones; the store introduces more unique, niche styles.

Riga Design Guide
BOLD – Riga concept store

Their selection is hand picked, featuring elegant, high end products and focusing on fashion, jewellery, accessories, some interior design items. They also host exhibitions with art items for sale.

Bold on Facebook

Look at Riga

A very cool concept store in the old town, right next to Riga’s Tourist Information Centre, so quite hard to miss.

The owner hand picks the items herself to make sure they’re unique. She features mostly Latvian designers, but also a few from Estonia, aiming to expand further to designers from more nearby countries.

Items include fashion, cushions, jewellery, postcards, phone cases, organic toys and many more surprises, big and small.

Riga Design Guide
Look at Riga

The store is big enough to wander around for a while, and you will notice it has an odd shape. That’s because of the 5D cinema in the middle of it!

This is an experience you definitely want to try. You’ll be flying over Riga on a moving cinema seat, with 3D glasses and special effects.

You’ll hear the story of the city while flying above some of its main monuments and seeing the beautiful views.

Look at Riga – website / Facebook


It looks like a fashion store at first, but as you enter you discover there’s much more on offer –  accessories,  jewellery, paperware and more, alongside a range of clothing, from elegant to funky.

The shop has its own brand of fashion design and it has initiated collaborations with local artists to have their artwork printed and sold in the shop.


Riga Design Guide

M50 Design shop in RigaTwo female partners opened the shop on Miera Street, the street with the best creative vibes in Riga. They feature mostly Latvian designers, plus some from the rest of the Baltics and a selected one from Greece.

It’s easy to see they love what they do and care about all the small details.

M50 – Website / Facebook


It’s a gorgeous store with three branches around Riga. I visited the one in the city centre.

If you’ve been to some local design shops in Riga by now, you’ll recognise the style here is very different.

This is not a store featuring local Latvian or Baltic designers, but items imported from other countries, notably Italy, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

Riga Design Guide
Xcelsior Design Store

You’ll find a stunning display of furniture, lighting, interior design items and also some small gifts like mugs and cards.

Xcelsior – Website / Facebook

Art Nouveau Riga

Riga has many amazing Art Nouveau buildings (you can see some in my post on architecture in Riga). Right opposite the entrance to the Art Nouveau Museum, there’s a beautiful shop dedicated to the style.

Riga Design Guide
Art Nouveau Store, Riga

The shop has been around for the past 10 years. It started selling lamps and replicas of antiques and grew bigger over the years.

Now it offers jewellery, painted tiles, pictures books, postcards, notebooks and greeting cards, mugs, pillow cases and even some furniture, all inspired by Art Nouveau.

Riga Design Guide
Art Nouveau Store

The owners also reached out to artists for collaboration and now feature works from many local artists and designers.

Art Nouveau Riga – Website / Facebook

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Riga Latvia Design Shopping Guide
Riga Latvia Design Shopping Guide




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