Madrid for Design Lovers


On my last visit to Madrid, I found and booked at a lovely airbnb flat in Malasaña without even knowing that it was the coolest neighbourhood in the city. When I left the flat to explore the streets nearby I found myself in design heaven. 

Malasaña attracts the hipster crowd, and two of my favourite streets there are Calle de la Palma and Calle Velarde. These are full of vintage and design stores, mostly small shops selling fashion, furniture and quirky things.

Malasaña borders the other hip neighbourhood called Chueca, which is also Madrid’s gay village, so you’ll probably visit both when you walk around that area.

Below I listed some great design stores in Madrid, mostly around Malasaña but also in other parts of the city. Madrid is a very walkable city, you can easily see all of these stores while strolling around the city in a day or two.

Do Design: A large, spacious concept store with beautiful wooden floors. It has a large selection of items: fashion, kitchenware, textiles, furniture, accessories, framed prints and some paperware. A very elegant collection.

Madrid Design Store DO Design
DO Design Shop Madrid

Peseta Madrid: A lovely design store offering beautiful, locally made textile items.

Madrid Design Store PESETA
PESETA Design shop

La Antigua: A gorgeous design store, with fashion, paperware, accessories, cups, pillows and more.

Madrid Design Store La Antigua
La Antigua Design Stroe Madrid

4 Perras: The sign outside says “Oddities and Old Junk” and inside you’ll find a marvellous world of vintage. A personal favourite.

Madrid Vintage Store 4perras
4perras vintage store Madrid

El Moderno: Another large concept store, brightly lit and inviting. It has houseware, ceramics, fashion accessories, paperware, some very cool framed art and much more.

Madrid Design Store El Moderno
El Moderno – Design Store in Madrid

o2 Lifestyle Zone: Located in the very centre of Madrid on Calle del Carmen. It’s a large design shop with mostly modern design. It has two floors and sells colourful, sometimes kitschy items, from fashion to homeware.  

Madrid Design Store O2
O2 Design store Madrid

Curiosite: Cute, surprising and unusual tech gadgets, original gift ideas. 

Madrid Design Store Curiosite
Curiosite design store Madrid

Palmapapel: A small stationary shop and workshop with simply great paperware, from notebooks to cardboard boxes.

Magpie: A large vintage store, full of gorgeous dresses, blouses, hats, scarves etc. from different decades. You’ll find some posters advertising cool events at the entrance.

More vintage stores on Calle Velarde in Malasaña include Kilmobo Vintage, Biba Vintage, Williamsburg and Alphaville. You can’t miss any of them as it’s a pretty narrow street and they’re all there right next to each other.

Not too far from there you’ll find more vintage fashion at Flamingos Vintage Kilo which is a chain with several stores across Spain, and the rather spacious Retro City.


This is just a selection of places to visit in Madrid for design lovers, hipsters and vintage hunters. The city has a lot more to offer. If you have a favourite design store in Madrid, comment below!

Madrid for Design Lovers
Design Shops in Madrid

Madrid for Design Lovers


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