Coworking Spaces in London for Digital Nomads


Reviews of the best coworking spaces in London with fast wifi, stylish decor and friendly vibes for digital nomads who need to stay productive.


London has an overwhelming number of coworking spaces, as you might expect of a city of its size, but I found a helpful app that curates them.

It looks like the number of spaces just keeps growing from one year to the next.

The task for choosing a coworking space in London that suits you can be really time consuming.

That’s a bit ironic for a digital nomad who’s staying in the city temporarily an just wants to get work done and be productive…

So I was happy when I was first introduced to an app called Croissant.

It has a curated list of coworking spaces in many big cities around the world.

Croissant lets you buy a certain number of hours per month and then use those at any of the coworking spaces on the app.

While in London, I used it to find spaces with fast wifi, great décor and a friendly atmosphere.

Fast wifi is not to be taken for granted in London. Internet speed can be a huge pain point in this crowded city.

As any digital nomad in London knows, many cafes have frustratingly slow internet and way too much background noise that’s not going to help your productivity or creativity.

Coworking spaces are certainly an upgrade.

After sampling some of the coworking spaces in London, I’ve compiled a list of the ones I found excellent to work from as a digital nomad.

Each has its own unique style, but the basics are similar – great facilities and a productive working environment.

7 coworking spaces in London to check out

Moneypenny WorkHub

Moneypenny Workhub coworking space
Moneypenny Workhub coworking space

This coworking space has a really stylish design.

It offers many different places to work from – sofas, large desks, bar stools, nicely designed meeting pods, and a mix of contemporary and retro furniture.

I got a friendly welcome from the staff at Moneypenny Workhub when I walked in and the place was buzzing with productive energy, and yet pretty quiet.

Moneypenny Workhub - London coworking space

There are two kitchens, upstairs and downstairs, as well as phone booth, lockers and plenty of sockets and USB ports.

The coworking space is in a good location in Hoxton, Shoreditch in east London, close to Old Street / Silicon Roundabout.

Us & co

When I arrived, I got a friendly welcome from the staff who gave me a quick intro.

Before I took out my laptop, I went up to the top floor for some fantastic views of London and the Thames from above.

Us&Co - view from roof
Us&Co – view from the roof terrace

The 9th floor is the club area, with a bar and roof terrace.

There are tables and chairs, so it’s also good for phone calls and meetings.

Then I went downstairs to the 8th floor. It’s a lovely open-plan space, with plenty of natural light and a pleasant atmosphere.

It has a clean design, a nicely equipped kitchen and ergonomic chairs. Each desk has its own sockets and USB ports.

Us&Co coworking space

It is a very quiet space, with no background music, just the sound of keyboards…

It was just what I needed to be able to concentrate.

There are meeting rooms available and a couple of meetings were held while I was working there, but it still was very quiet in the coworking space.

The location is close to Bank, Tower Bridge and London Bridge, so it’s very easy to get to.

Benk + Bo

This is more than just a coworking space.

There’s a coffee shop, yoga studio and coworking space and even a piano practice room all in the same building.

I worked at the cafe’s lounge area upstairs. There’s also a quiet working space downstairs.

Benk + Bo coworking
The coworking space downstairs

The cafe is vegetarian, played really nice music in the background and has power sockets and comfortable chairs.

The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is very laid back.

Benk + Bo cafe lounge

I didn’t get to join any of the yoga classes, but it’s nice to know they’re available.

The location is close to Spitalfields in East London.


As you enter, you’ll find yourself in a communal work space with a long wooden desk in the centre of the room.

The space is quite unique, and I later learnt that it used to be a church.

Launch 22 - coworking space
It used to be an old church…

I worked from the wooden desk that had plenty of sockets and USB ports. There are work stations around it and on the upper floor.

There’s also a cool chill out area with bean bags, a nice kitchen and a couple of meeting rooms you can book.

I enjoyed the super fast wifi and the late opening hours that let me focus on my work without worrying about the time.

Launch 22 London

The location is great for central London – it’s very close to Kings Cross Station on a quiet side street.

The Studio

The Studio - coworking space Camden

This coworking space has a friendly environment and nice, helpful staff.

It’s focusing on creatives and has large working spaces, phone booths, meeting rooms and of course – very fast wifi.

There are plenty of sockets in every table and inside the phone booths.

It’s one of not too many coworking spaces in London that are open late.

The Studio

The Studio is in an excellent location on a quiet street very close to the Camden Town tube and Camden Road Overground station.

Workhouse One Studios

Workhouse One Studios - coworking

I was welcomed by the friendly staff who gave me a quick tour of the coworking space and found a free desk for me.

It’s a large, modern open space with a nice and well equipped kitchen, phone booths and meeting rooms.

I like the ergonomic chairs and fast wifi and managed to get quite a lot of work done while I was there. There’s a productive vibe to the space.

Workhouse One Studios - kitchen

The location is where many coworking spaces in London are based these days, a short walking distance from Old Street / Silicon Roundabout, next to Google Campus.

Central Working Farringdon

If great design inspires your creativity, this is a perfect place to work from.

Central Working Farringdon

The Zetter Hotel bar is used as a coworking space during the day.

It’s a joy for design lovers, with charming, funky, vintage-style furniture, unique lamps and plenty of natural light from the large windows.

The chairs are comfortable and there are sockets at each table.

Central Working at Zetter Hotel

There was soft music in the background while I was there, but it was generally quiet and easy to work from.

The location is convenient, it’s very easy to get to and from Farringdon station.

The benefits of the Croissant coworking app for digital nomads

I accessed all the coworking spaces above using the Croissant app.

Here’s why I think it’s a brilliant service for digital nomads like me:

Using Croissant, I’m not limited to one space (or even to one chain of spaces) and obviously not limited to any one city.

You can use the hours you buy at any coworking space in any city you happen to travel to.

The flexibility of finding free desks around the world is a big plus.

That’s the main benefit. Beyond that, I found the Croissant app very user-friendly and easy to use.

You can really see it was designed by people who actually use this kind of service.

How to use Croissant

– Pick a coworking space from the list or the map;

– Click Hold Seat to reserve your place through the app;

– Press the check-in button in the app when you arrive;

– Press check-out when you leave.

The hours you spent are shown on the screen, as well as how many hours you have left.

For each coworking space you can see basic details on facilities, opening times, using the kitchen, printing or reserving meeting rooms.

Each space also has some photos to give you an idea of the environment you’ll be working in.

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London Coworking Spaces

This post is in collaboration with Croissant and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.


Love it!! I’m an ambassador with Get Croissant too! I use them in ATL & will be using them overseas coming up!

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