Brussels for Digital Nomads: Coworking Spaces and Laptop-Friendly Cafes


Brussels has some great places for digital nomads to work from.

During my short visit to Brussels I spent some time working at laptop-friendly spaces and here are the ones that I recommend. Free, fast WiFi is essential, but the atmosphere of the place is just as important. 

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Coworking Spaces and Laptop-Friendly Cafes in Brussels


Jat Cafe

This is a trendy cafe in the city centre. I was advised not to go there at lunchtime, as the place is busy, so I arrived in the afternoon. The place was still pretty full. There are quite a lot of power outlets, but there were no seats left next to any when I got there. The Internet connection was fast enough though.

It’s a large place with tables and sofas and a lively, colourful vibe. It has funky vintage decor alongside wooden tables and plenty of natural light.

The menu offers a nice range of coffee, tea, fruit juice, cold drinks, pastries, salads, sandwiches and soups. Everything you need for a light meal.

Jat Laptop Friendly Cafe, Brussels
Jat Cafe, Brussels

There is loud upbeat music playing the background. If that kind of thing bothers you, it’s not the best place for you to work from… I do find background music energising (at times) and so could work there easily, but I can imagine how for other people this would be a hindrance.

Link: Jat Cafe

Atlantic CoWorking

A very spacious loft overlooking the canal. It’s located in an up and coming trendy part of Brussels, and hosts freelancers, startups and small businesses. The owner  will give you a warm welcome when you arrive and sit down with you for a chat to get to know you and your needs.

Atlantic Coworking Space, Brussels
Atlantic Coworking Space, Brussels

I loved the interior design of the place, a mix of modern and vintage, and the way it is divided into both private rooms and an open space area. There is of course fast internet and plenty of outlets, as well as a kitchen, coffee, tea and beer.

atlantic coworking brussels
Atlantic Coworking Space, Brussels
Atlantic Coworking Space, Brussels Belgium
Atlantic Coworking Space, Brussels

Overall, it is a very pleasant working environment and I got quite a lot of work done there. The place is relatively new, just a few months old, and alongside the regular members, it offer new potential members a free day pass or a free week trial.

Link: Atlantic CoWorking

Leopold Café Presse

This is a lovely, colourful and relaxed place to work from, with cool jazz music playing the background and plenty of natural light. There’s a bar by the window with power outlets and bar stools ideal for working on your laptop with a view of the boulevard from the big windows. There is outdoor seating as well, if you don’t need to power outlets.

Leopold Cafe, Brussels
Leopold Cafe, Brussels

There’s a nice selection of drinks and snacks, some salads and sandwiches, cakes and many types of hot and cold drinks, but it’s not a place to go to if you are really hungry. Service is quick and attentive.

Leopold Cafe, Brussels
Leopold Cafe, Brussels

The cafe also doubles as a bookshop, mostly for city guides, art books a children’s books. Overall, it’s a great, peaceful place to work.

Link: Leopold Café Presse

Forcado Pastelaria

I found this cafe completely by chance one afternoon, and it turned out to be a great work friendly spot. While it didn’t look like the typical laptop-friendly cafe, the WiFi password is displayed on the walls and it’s a convenient place to work from.

It has some lounge chairs, but mostly tables. It wasn’t too full and felt very spacious. The menu includes Portuguese pastries and hot and cold drinks.

Link: Forcado Pastelaria

Workshop Café Belgium

This is a fantastic place to work from, and as the name suggests, it was designed to welcome you and your laptop. Located on the lovely Avenue Louise, it is very easy to reach and find.

It has a nice selection of drinks and snack for a light meal. Large tables and power outlets are available of course.

The place was quite full when I went there in the afternoon. Just about everyone there seemed to be working on their laptop. Still, it didn’t feel too busy, despite being full; the space and the modern design give it a laid-back atmosphere.

Link: Workshop Café Belgium


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Coworking Spaces and Laptop-Friendly Cafes in Brussels



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